Thursday, August 21, 2008

The City Beneath

I discovered a fantastic show on BlogTalkRadio, WSN Radio. I read a piece that I wrote about my son who has both Asperger's and ADHD. It was my first time ever sharing a poem, let alone reading it aloud. It is an awesome show and it was a great first experience. The piece I read is below:

The City Beneath
by Samara Leigh

What lies beneath your shining, dark eyes, child?
Tell me what secret thoughts you hold.
There is a city beneath your eyes, bustling with activity.
What is happening there?
I truly wish I knew.

You are such a mystery to me.
Your talents and intelligence are so obvious.
The things that you do are truly remarkable.
You could surely be someone great, in your time.
If only you could escape the city beneath your mind.

The city that is hiding beneath that odd smile
Holds you captive to its wishes and desires.
You cannot see our world for your own.
It blocks your view.
You cannot function in our world.
For you, it is like wading through quicksand.

Follow my voice.
I will offer you my hand.
I will not allow the City Beneath to take you from me.
You are my son.
I will never relinquish you to the city that fascinates you so.

Sometimes, when I speak,
It is not my voice that you hear.
It is the mayor of the City Beneath.
He is telling you the exact opposite of what I have said.
He is conducting the town orchestra.
Cymbals clashing in your head.

But, I will not surrender
My Enigma, My Child
To the City Beneath.
I will keep standing at the borders,
Coaxing you out.

You can hear me "poetry debut" here.


Genesis said...

Samara Leigh, gurl, this is so wonderful and heartfelt. Quit saying you aren't a poet. You are.

LOVE it!


Don said...

Great poem, Samara. Since it was written for your child I can only imagine how much joy it personally brings. Very well done.