Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Letting Go

July 1st was a big day for me.

First: It kicked off JulNoWriMo - a novel-in-a-month competition in which I am participating. I know what you're thinking.... "Didn't you try that a couple of times already?" Indeed you are right. I participated in NaNoWriMo twice and sputtered out. Not because the task was impossible, but because I told myself that it was. And what I was left with is two WIP (works in progress) that have been calling to me with varying intensity ever since I abandoned them all those months ago.

The characters have danced around my head from time-to-time. They want their happy (or unhappy) ending. And in fact, I am anxious to discover exactly where they will end up. As their creator, of course I have an idea of where I want their journey to end, but each character often surprises me by taking a completely different direction.

I started by reading WIP #1 which was 326 pages. I started reading at 6AM, just to reacquaint myself with the characters and story. I was pleasantly surprised by what I'd written - with the exception of one chapter and one scene which I cut, whittling it down to 314 double spaced pages. My goal is to write 2500 words per day, six days per week during JulNoWriMo. When I complete WIP #1 I will then turn my attention to WIP #2 for the remainder of the competition.

I could very well end the month with TWO completed manuscripts.

Second: The latest issue of All Things Girl went live. It includes my column, "Letting Go Isn't Easy" the first in a two part series dealing with the issue of holding onto things which don't serve your purpose, and even worse, could be blocking your happiness.

Third: And this is BIG people, I have put myself on a 20-month action plan. Why 20 months and not 30 days, 100 days, 5 or 10 years? Because my BFF and I have long aspired to be "Fabulous by Forty" and our 40th birthdays are looming on the horizon. There are many things that I would like to accomplish before I am 40. More on that later this week.



ATG Editors said...

I want to hear about the plan....(deb)

Don said...

good luck, samara.

i am sure that you will do just fine. you have set a reasonable amount of writing per day. so i think you will complete the mission.

again, best of luck.