Saturday, June 21, 2008

An Opportunity for Redemption

I've participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) for the past two years. I failed to hit my goal both times. Not because it was impossible. Not because I didn't have the time. Not because I didn't have the inspiration. If I could point to the definitive reason I that I did not hit my goal, I would say it was because I told myself it was impossible and that I just didn't have the time, which seriously affected my inspiration. The inspiration to put my buns in the chair and JUST GET MY PROJECT DONE.

Each time I'd begin with mad inspiration, fingers flying on keyboards, words tumbling out of my brain. I'd hit or exceed my daily goals each day until.... Until the first day I couldn't write, for whatever reason. Then there'd be another day when I couldn't write, or I could only meet a fraction of my goal. Soon, I felt like I was in a collapsing hole of my own making. One I simply couldn't pull myself out of, so I'd give up.

Last year, at the last minute, I jumped back on the bandwagon during the last week of the month. I got so much done and I was quite proud of my work. Then I wanted to kick myself for not sticking with the challenge throughout the month. If I had done so, I surely would have easily met my goal. The guilt from my pitiful efforts the past two years has haunted me the seven months since then.

Over the past few months I've been focused on starting a new business and all of the ground work, marketing collateral, and product creation that accompanies such an project. I am nearly finished with the non-fiction book I am writing and had mentioned to my writing buddies at Endurance Writing that I wanted to commit to my writing project again beginning July 1st. How excited was I to read an email from a member of the group asking if we'd like to participate in July Novel Writing Month (JulNoWriMo) with her. It was my opportunity to redeem myself from those missed opportunities in previous NaNoWriMos. And the icing on the cake is that in this competition you can work on a book that is already in progress. So my poor, neglected, unfinished darlings can have their happy ending. And I can hold a finished novel in my hands. My first since my school days, many moons ago.



Meikmeika said...

I know that you will do well in the JulNoWriMo!!! Just come back to this post anytime you feel yourself slipping.

Don said...

I am supposed to be participating in this October. I look forward to the challenge.

Don said...

I clicked the button too soon. LOL.

Good deal, Samara @ now being able to redeem yourself. Enjoy.