Monday, June 16, 2008

And You Think You've Gone Green

The Dervaes Family in Pasadena, California were green way before it was "in." The urban farmers live off their land, a typical urban lot. They use the front yard, back yard, and driveway. They cook in an outdoor oven, recycle water, and their blender is powered by a bicycle.

Quite a few of us owe the Dervaes for taking on our carbon footprint, too. They say that in the past two years they've gone from being the "crazy family on the block" to being hip.

I'm not quite ready to hook my beloved blender up to the bicycle - though I could definitely use the exercise. But I admire this family's commitment to the environment, living healthy, and being true to what they believe is truly important in life, no matter what others think of it. And I am envious of their practically non-existent power, water, grocery, and gasoline cost. ;-)

What do you think?

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Michelle said...

Hi Samara -- thanks for stopping by! I'm doing what I can and starting to do more. I'm actually buying a composter the next time I go to Costco, and I finally have a real garden to grow some of my veggies. Fingers crossed that the critters don't get to them first!