Monday, May 26, 2008

Guess I'm on the Right Career Path After All

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Your mind is forever locked on the unforeseeable future, wondering how to make it a better place. Every movement needs a visionary, someone to lead the way and be the almighty powerful. And that someone is you. As a born leader, people honor your wisdom and are inspired by your commitment to your cause, company, or family. You're capable of encouraging others to believe in just about anything you represent whether it be corporate restructuring, political reform, or healing crystals. But you're also the independent type—a little elusive. You're best directing from a distance where you can set strategy without getting involved in schmoozing or too much office politics. You're the woman behind the scenes who's holding the strings.

Who's like you:
Martha Stewart

Likely careers:
Entrepreneur, realtor, insurance broker, travel agent, drug kingpin

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