Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Four-Day Work Week

A four-day work week. How awesome is that? Yahoo! News reported on a trend that is beginning here in Ohio, prompted by the outrageous price of gasoline. A few bright, progressive employers are giving their employees the option of working a four-day work week (4 ten-hour days) as a way to reduce their transportation cost by a whopping 20% while keeping the same pay. What prompted the move?

One employer was faced with the possibility of losing several employees who were considering quitting to find work closer to home. A considerable number of the employees accepted the offer. One employer hopes to completely close their office on that fifth day as a way to also reduce energy costs. Brilliant!

It is sad that it has taken a good gouging by the oil companies for Americans to get serious about living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Commuters are opting for motorcycles, scooters, public transportation, bicycling, and good old walking for their every day commutes. Local car dealerships can't keep enough hybrid cars on the lot.

Families are looking for ways to save money - like saving water and reducing gas and electricity use - which also just happen to be good for the environment.

We are recycling more and wasting less. Fashionistas and their families have discovered of beauty of consignment shops and vintage boutiques (i.e. the local thrift store).

I never wanted my husband to ride, much less buy a motorcycle. But, now I am open to it. I just insist that he take a course in defensive motorcycle driving. (Unfortunately, the number of motorcycle deaths has increased along with the number of inexperienced motorcyclists that have taken to the road to save fuel costs). And, as for me, I have actually been considering a scooter. I would NEVER have considered it before. But, now I can definitely see myself sporting a hot little stylish number like the scooter pictured here.

Would you work a four-day work week if your employer offered it? What have you and your family been doing to reduce costs and reserve energy?

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ZenDenizen said...

Honestly I can't imagine anyone (in certain industries) actually commuting to work on a daily basis anymore. Maybe I've just been very fortunate to find work from home situations but the idea of fighting traffic and paying $100 a week in fuel is completely absurd to me. I'm in the midst of a job search right now and I'm just outright refusing jobs that expect employees to be on site 5 days a week, I hope more people do the same so all companies get the message!