Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thirteen+ of My Favorite Romantic Comedies

Thirteen+ Favorite Romantic Comedies

Okay, I wanted to follow the rules and just add my thirteen favorite comedies, but I just couldn't narrow it down to thirteen. In fact, I left another 10 or 12 off of this list. Anyhoo, I tried to put my very favorites near the top of the list. What's your favorite romantic comedy?

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Mel said...

My list from yours is:
Under the Tuscan Sun
Pretty Woman
How to lose a guy in 10 days
and Love Actually.

I say we have good taste.

Rhonda Stapleton said...

I love several of those, like Mel said...I also love The Princess Bride!!

Samara Leigh said...

Princess Bride! I can't believe I left that one off the list. Very good choice.

Destined for Greatness said...

I am in total agreement with your choices of:

Brown Sugar
Pretty Woman

I also like:

The Wedding Singer
Music and Lyrics
What women want
Coming to America
Something's got to give
Shallow Hal

Samara Leigh said...

Destined for Greatness, Coming to America and The Wedding Singer are two more very good choices. And, it reminds me of another Drew Barrymore that I really like - Ever After.

Patricia W. said...

Hi Samara! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Brown Sugar, The Wood, Pretty Woman, Somethings Got To Give, Shallow Hal, Boomerang, The Best Man, 50 First Dates, My Best Friend's Wedding, Love and Action in Chicago...does Shrek count?

Samara Leigh said...

Shrek definitely counts. Except it opens an entire floodgate: Beauty & the Best, Tarzan, Mulan.

Jane said...

Hi Samara! Some of those movies I own and love, such as Love Actually and How To Lose a Guy In Ten Days, and a few others, but some of them I haven't seen. I'll have to check them out:) I replied to your comment on my blog asking you about those belly dancing dvds, somehow I just got around to adding your name and replying, I'm sorry for being so slow. I hope you're having a great evening:) Fun list!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Oh, I loved The Holiday, and another favorite is Serendipity.

Thanks for some great suggestions!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Due to little kids, I have not seen so many of these!

My favorite of all time would have to be When Harry Met Sally.

Samara Leigh said...

Michelle: I definitely thought about adding that one, too, because it is a wonderful movie. I just had to cut the list off somewhere. LOL. I couldn't even think of adding my Doris Day and Audrey Hepburn favorites. :-)

Also, I'd be happy to loan you a few on the list if want to ride to the Westside to get them.

Drew Blackstone said...

Great list.

I can't believe that no one mentioned 'While you were sleeping'.

That would be number one on my list.

Samara Leigh said...

Another great choice, Drew! Sandra Bullock's portrayal of Lucy was very sweet and the movie cracks me up. Do you see why 13 wasn't even a possibility?

Appletini said...

I thought 'Just Married' was hilarious.... there are sooo many good ones out there.
Haven't seen 'The Holiday'. You reminded me that I need to rent it :)

ZenDenizen said...

Samara - Pretty Woman is the gold standard!

Appletini - Avoid The Holiday!!! The only redeeming moment was Cameron screaming Mr. Brightside at the top of her lungs.

ZenDenizen said...

OOoops! Just noticed The Holiday on your list *blush*

Did love Ideal Husband, that's one of my faves from any genre.

Samara Leigh said...

ZenDenizen, don't apologize! I love hearing everyone's opinion. I liked the Holiday primarily because I love Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. Plus I really liked Kate Winslet's story and the relationship she developed with the older neighbor.

Mel said...

I just saw The Holiday and have to agree it wasn't the best, but the relationship with the older neighbor did make the movie worth watching. He had such snark.

Can't believe I left off The Princess Bride. My kids groan when I pull it out to watch. Also to add Love and Basketball, When Harry Met Sally, The Best Man, Love Jones, Wimbledon, Something New, and Failure to Launch. Matthew McConaughey is drool worhty.

dc_speaks said...

ok. just stumbled across a post where I found you to be a fellow Clevelander.

I just watned to say hey and have a wonderful day hometown homie!

gretchenaro said...

Saw your article on femmefan and wanted to give a shout out. I've written there too and live in The Cleve. Hi fellow Clevelander! Go Browns!

Don said...

Pretty Woman and Brown Sugar are great and well-written screenplays. Another is When Harry Met Sally, which is probably my all-time fav. romantic comedy.

~Virginia~ said...

I love love love The Holiday! I could (and have) watch that over and over again! I thought Because I Said So was okay...I mainly Netflixed it because Lauren Graham's in it...I loved her on Gilmore Girls! :)