Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thirteen+ of My Favorite Romantic Comedies

Thirteen+ Favorite Romantic Comedies

Okay, I wanted to follow the rules and just add my thirteen favorite comedies, but I just couldn't narrow it down to thirteen. In fact, I left another 10 or 12 off of this list. Anyhoo, I tried to put my very favorites near the top of the list. What's your favorite romantic comedy?

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Post Burn Notice Blues

Ahh... Michael Westen. Who doesn't like a damaged, brilliant, sexy former spy with a big heart and commitment issues?

This has turned into the Year of the Cable Series for me. Monk, Psych, The Starter Wife, The Closer, My Boys, and Burn Notice. Before this year, the only cable series I'd ever watched were Sex and the City and Soul Food.

My favorite TV series this year was definitely Burn Notice. It combines some of my favorite movie elements:

  1. Smart action-adventure films like The Italian Job and Mission Impossible (II is my favorite).

  2. Bad-ass heroines like Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. Fiona, Michael Westen's former love interest (a gun-runner who spent 14 years with the IRA and has the Irish accent to prove it) is a ton of fun and sassy as hell.

  3. A hero who is handsome, smart, and goes for a zero body count. He's perfectly capable of kicking your ass. He just prefers to let someone else get their hands dirty. Like Charlie Croker in Italian Job or Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible.
The season finale was last night. While I knew I'd have to wait for the new season to see what happens next, when the announcer said, "next summer," it totally bummed me out. Next summer? That's like a year from now. Geez! I just might have to hit the beaches of Miami in the meantime. Can you think of a better way to banish the Post Burn Notice Blues?

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Caridad Pineiro Featured on

As you may already know, one of the projects I am currently working on is over at The site features stories of women who've discovered happiness, success, or learned some really valuable lessons by following their own path.

This week's featured women is romance author, Caridad Pineiro. She's the author of several books including Sex and the South Beach Chicas and the newly released, The South Beach Chica's Catch Their Man.

Hop on over to to read my interview with Caridad. She talks about why a successful lawyer loves writing romance novels and shares her thoughts on the marketing of Latino and other ethnic authors. Caridad also shares some tips on getting your novel written in a year, and writing query letters that will get agents and publishers to beg you for more. You can preview some of her books below.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My 13 Favorite Emmy Looks

My Thirteen Favorite Looks from the 2007 Emmy Awards

Why do I care far more about the Red Carpet shows than I do about the Emmy show itself? Okay, maybe that's shallow, but I just haven't had much stomach for awards shows lately. I'll watch them with the fam sometimes, but usually with a book in hand.

Last night I was all about Design Star. And for some reason, the thought of watching Ryan Seacrest for three hours was just far more than I could take.

So, today I caught up on my Red Carpet fashion shows. Here are a few of my favorite looks including America Ferrera, Stacy London, Patrick Dempsey, Sally Field, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Felicity Huffman, Mariska Hargitay, Padma Lakshmi, Kristen Bell, Jeremy Piven, and Eva Longoria.

(Written Monday, September 17th)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Shon Bacon Featured on

Hop over to to meet author & editor, Shon Bacon, or get to know her a little better.


Samara Leigh

Monday, September 17, 2007

Cleveland Clinic Caves on Complaints About Painting

The Cleveland Clinic prides itself on its collection of art. However, a couple of complaints of racial bias got this painting - "My Home Town," by a local, Black artist, Michelangelo Lovelace - yanked. I honestly don't understand what all the fuss is. Is it because the crowd seems to be divided - mostly Blacks on one side and Caucasians on the other?

Anyone born and raised in Cleveland is fully aware that we live in one of the most segregated Metropolis in the US. Though, to our credit, our suburbs have become much more diverse. I thought art was supposed to be about making a commentary on our society. I believe that's what Mr. Lovelace was doing.

Read the story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer here.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thirteen Celebs That Need Some Serious Help

Thirteen Celebs That Need a PR Intensive, Real Rehab,
a Good Butt-whipping, or a Roll of Duct Tape - You Choose
  1. Britney Spears - I won't elaborate on the reasons here as they are known to the entire free world. However, I honestly feel sorry for this melted down mess of a former pop star. I'm gonna give Brit the Trifecta - Real Rehab (plus mental health counseling); a Good Butt-Whipping for not putting her kids anything close to first; and a PR Intensive. "Repeat after me: A day where I'm not the headline on OK! Magazine or ET (Entertainment Tonight) is actually a good day."
  2. Owen Wilson - He is seriously weird and quite often funny. I wish him only the best and I hope that he gets Real Rehab and mental health counseling. Why do we lose so many of our best comedians to overdose and suicide? I hope Owen makes a splendid recovery.
  3. Michael Vick - He gets a good butt-whipping for his horrible treatment of living, breathing beings and throwing away a promising and lucrative NFL career and endorsment deals. A PR Intensive for giving his own fans the finger. Oh, and probably some time in the pokie, to boot.
  4. Lindsey Lohan - I still like to remember her as the cute little redhead in Parent Trap. It's easier that way. Grown-up Lindsey also earns a Trifecta: Real Rehab, a good butt-whipping, and a PR Intensive.
  5. Dina Lohan - Here we're going to upgrade to a good ass-whipping for being more concerned about riding her daughter's coat tail to fame than about saving her daughter and a roll of duct tape to keep her off the air waves.
  6. Tom Cruise - I love your work, Tom. I really do. I even loved Far & Away. But, seriously, sometimes less is more. So please try to stay low-key for a while. And no jumping on the furniture. You get a PR Intensive, a roll of duct tape, and pair of Prince's [high-heel] boots.
  7. Isaiah Washington - Here's something I need for grown folks to understand: You don't have to say everything you think out loud. It's cute on toddlers, unless they've acquired a taste for profanity. On grown folks, not so cute. That goes for many of the following celebs, as well. Isaiah gets a roll of duct tape, a PR Intensive, and long-term diversity training.
  8. Rosie O'Donnell - A serious case of diarrhea of the mouth. She gets a roll of duct tape, a PR Intensive, and a good butt-whipping. Please note: I'm not against free-spirits or being outspoken. But, both can be done without getting into a catfight with every celeb in the free world.
  9. The Donald - Am I the only one annoyed by people who are not broke and still look a hot mess? I digress. A man of Donald's wealth and business acumen should not feel the need to jump in the pig pen and duke it out with some attention-grabbing celeb. Seriously Donald, you're too big for that. What would Bill Gates do? Donald gets a roll of duct tape and a new hair stylist. Seriously.
  10. Kanye West - Let me say first, I believe that the man is a musical genius. I've been a fan of his music and he puts on one hell of a concert and charges a price that REAL PEOPLE can actually afford. I respect that. However, I'll need to ask you to leave some of the crying and whining for the babies. I'm not even saying that you're always wrong. It is primarily your method of delivery (and your super-sized ego). Take a cue from other social activists who speak out without losing credibilty. Bono can get an audience with the heads of nations at the snap of a finger. But, he still had the integrity to make this video with Greenday criticizing the way Bush handled Hurricane Katrina. And we all love him for it. You will have a mobilizing effect on the hip-hop culture when you master the art of persuasion and learn to temper your intense passion with restraint. You get a roll of duct tape, a spanking, and a PR Intensive.
  11. Paris Hilton - The entitled rich kid thing is getting old. I'm glad to see Paris - though not abandoning her partying ways - has seemed to settle down a bit and seems to be getting over her Paparazzi addiction. Just in case, we'd better give her a PR Intensive.
  12. Kathy Hilton - She gets a butt-whipping for blaming the court, the media, and everyone except her DUI-collecting daughter.
  13. George W. - We're going to give him a PR Intensive, a public-speaking course, an emergency roll of tape anytime he's impelled to say something that will get turned into a WTF? sound byte, relationship counseling (starting with the lesson on how to say, I'm sorry. I was wrong) and some dance lessons. Though watching this video still cracks me up.

What do you think?

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Bill Maher's Idea to Keep Us from Invading Iran, Too

This post by Bill Maher on The Huffington Post is too funny. I think he might actually be on to something here. :-)

In fact, there are a few people that I might try this tactic with.

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Note to Serena: Stop Self-Destructing

I love Serena Willams. Really. In fact, if it wasn't for her recent self-destructive antics, she'd have been much higher on my Thursday Thirteen list. I was really happy when both she and Venus came on the scene in tennis years ago. I was even happier when they lost the beads and apparently went to charm school.

I also respect what Venus and Serena have been able to accomplish off the court. They seem to be very smart business women. Which is why Serena's recent comments - much more reminiscent of a Tyson-style boxer than a tennis player - took me by surprise. While Serena has never been known for giving credit to her opponents, making ridiculous excuses and being generally disrespectful of a fellow player and the game overall is completely inexcusable.

After her loss Serena bitched about having to be at the press release to avoid being fined by the league. (See story here). At the press conference she said:
"I just think she (Henin) made a lot of lucky shots and I made a lot of errors."
Ahem, excuse me Ms. Thang, were we watching the same match? The way I see it, losing in straight sets 7-6, 6-1 just constitutes a good ol' ass-whipping.

To be sure, it was her game to win or lose - despite the fact that Henin is seeded #1 in the world and an excellent player. However, she just didn't bring her A game. Not to that match, and not to this year's U.S. Open overall. She barely squeaked through most of her previous matches against players well below her level. Her play seemed lazy and disinterested. So, why is she suddenly pissed because it finally caught up to her?

I am still a Serena Williams tennis fan. However, I hope her PR team, Venus, Oracene, and Richard remind her how quickly an adored sports icon can become a hated has-been whose lucrative endorsements have all dried up.

Thirteen Things I Love About Tennis

Did I mention that I LOVE tennis?
  1. Grand Slam Events - Of Course!
  2. Fifth Set (or Third Set) Tie-Breakers
  3. Hard-earned points (usually preceded by Deuce #4)
  4. Arthur Ashe & Louis Armstrong stadiums
  5. Instant Replays
  6. Ever-evolving Tennis Fashion
  7. Unbelievable Upsets - like Henin falling to Bartoli at Wimbledon
  8. Andre Agassi - I adore him for his spirit on and off the court
  9. Steffi Graf - Powerful on the court, low-key off court
  10. Roger Federer - He's an amazing player, and a tennis fashion icon
  11. Venus Williams - She is playing her best tennis in years
  12. John McEnroe - I love that he's reinvented himself
  13. Serena Williams - I am going to chock her recent antics up to
    temporary insanity. More on that later.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What Have You Done So Far This Year?

When 12:01AM hit on SEPTEMBER 1st I was still in shock. Shocked that 8 months (that's 35 weeks or 243 days) had passed me by. Where, o where did the time go? This sent me scrambling to find my list of goals for 2007 and looking for a thousand excuses as to why I haven't achieved many of them.

Excuse #1: I cannot find my list. I keep a half a dozen notebooks for scribbling and keeping my thoughts. Who knows which one of them my goals are listed in. If I find the list, I will keep you posted. However, I do know this: I have yet to achieve several items on my list. This is the huge mistake we often make. We set our goals and tuck them away somewhere. Then we wonder why every year we've got the same goals but little to show for it. My goals should always be in front of me. After all, how else will I achieve them?

Excuse #2: Some of my goals have changed. For instance, my goals for my business are completely different now. So, my goals have changed. What has that got to do with the fact that they are still goals and I must work to achieve them?

Excuse #3: I keep forgetting to set my intention for each day. This is especially terrible because I am participating in a 100 Day Challenge. I know for a fact that setting my intention for the day works wonders, yet I keep falling back into my same habit of not doing it. "I forgot" is a miserable excuse. I have to make this a part of my daily routine until it becomes a habit.

Excuse #4: Our economy sucks and many of my small business clients have tightened their belt. While this is true, it still isn't an excuse. Entrepreneurship requires flexibility and changing to meet the needs of your market, or finding a different market when this is required.

Excuse #5: I was totally bummed out about "stuff" happening personally, and in our society. The best way to overcome this: "Don't just sit there. Change something!"

So with a mere 118 days left in the year I am:

  • Writing a list of goals to be accomplished by the end of the year.
  • Going to set my intention for each day.
  • Writing a to-do-list each day consisting of just five things that I will accomplish that day, in the order of importance.
  • Posting my list of goals and repeating them daily in the positive.
When I'm done I'll post my goals on this blog. You can check in on my progress in the coming weeks at 100 Days at a Time.