Saturday, August 25, 2007

Where Did These Psychos Come From?

Okay, first of all, I'm not going to jump all over rapper, DMX, until more substantive information comes forth. That having been said...

Are these guys out of their f#*%ing minds?! First Michael Vick is discovered to be running a dogfighting ring - and thank goodness, we are no longer forced to claim that these are 'alleged charges.' Dude copped to a plea agreement after his boys started singing like birds. The NFL quickly reacted by delivering a indefinite suspension for the former star quarterback. Now they've recovered 12 undernourished pit bulls and recovered the bodies of at least 3 dead dogs at the Arizona home of rapper DMX.

Ironic that his last album is entitled Year of the Dog...Again. On his website he's holding on to the chain of a fierce dog, teeth bared, and looking like he could eat Manhattan. The dog, that is. Not DMX.

The more I talk to people on this issue I've discovered that in many sectors of the United States dogfighting is considered - and I quote - "a legitimate sport," much like greyhound racing. The difference - I always remind people who offer this argument - is that in dogracing or horseracing the animals are not there for the sole purpose of fighting to the death. Cockfighting, while not currently in the limelight, is just as cruel and ugly. People are more passionate about dogfighting vs. cockfighting is because of our strong affinity, as humans, for dogs.
Both sports are bloodthirsty and cruel. They put us just inches away from being like the Colisseums full of Romans whose insatiable thirst to see human blood spilled fueled the Gladiator games.
If we're being reduced to becoming a society where large segments find watching animals fight to death entertaining, is it any wonder that we live in such a violent society? But then again, I think boxing and wrestling are pretty damn barbaric, too.

What do you think?


MY OWN WOMAN said...

Oh Samara, I like your style. Any person, and I mean ANY person that can view the killing of "domestic" pets as a sport has some serious cerebral issues.

I own two Yorkshire Terriers. A couple of years ago I read in a newspaper that two young boys were using the tiny Yorkie as a football; tossing it back and forth. The dog finally died when one of the two boys decided it was time to punt, using the Yorkie as the football.

It made me sick! All I could think of is that these two boys who found "playing" with a helpless dog in that manner are going to grow up to be the same boys that grow up to be our future serial or mass murderers.

How proud their mama's must be.

Suzy said...

Ok, first of all I have dogs....secondly, these guys have more money than any of us can imagine.
They could go anywhere and do anything, but their choice is torture dogs!

Why this form of amusement? Power? Control?

So repulsive. So sad.

Stephen Bess said...

I feel that these individuals have a distorted view of life and a lack of respect for the living. It is a lack of compassion. In short, they need Jesus.
Thanks for visiting. This is a very thought provoking blog you have here. Nice

ZenDenizen said...

Couldn't have said it any better than Suzy!

Born Diva said...

This goes to show you the old adage . You can take the boy out of ________(fill in the blanks) but you can't take the ________ out of the boy. We pluck people out of their enviornment and load them up with money based on their "talents". At the sametime we make no effort to intergrate them into "normal" society and acceptable behaviors. Or, as int he case of DMX we pay them and reward them for being "sterotypical" and are surprised and outrage when we find out that is truly who they are. Just because expose someone to more and better doesn't mean they absorb more and better. I am sure these men were surronded by management who knew this behavior was going on but did nothing to discourage it until it wasn't cool to cover it up anymore. I am not trying to excuse either one of them. But, we have to take it all in context including their lifestyles and backgrounds that existed before the dollar signs. It was noted the Michael Vick was doing this while still in college. We need to do more then set people up for failure then hang them up to dry whem they do just that.

courtneyelizabeth said...

I thought I posted on this but...Michael Vick can go have a seat somewhere and just...SULK. smh...just horrible how he threw his life away over nonsense