Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Things I Do When I Am Supposed to be Writing

Thirteen Things about Samara Leigh

Thirteen Things I'm Probably Doing When I Should Be Writing

  1. Checking email
  2. Answering instant messages
  3. Rearranging my desk
  4. Updating my website
  5. Creating a new website
  6. Surfing the web
  7. Reading a book
  8. Writing a new story
  9. Playing Scrabble
  10. Walking
  11. On the telephone
  12. Family time
  13. Watching The Closer or Burn Notice

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mom huebert said...

Half of these things are things I'm probably doing when I should be doing my dishes, or cleaning, or fixing a meal....Ha!

But the writing is fun (which is what I'm usually doing on my website, or on my computer) and the chores rarely are. *smile*

i am the diva said...

thanks for visiting my TT!

I loved your post on turning 30! i'll come back and visit again!


Lara Angelina said...

You forgot my favorite --- sleeping!!! Although I get some of my best writing ideas just before I go to sleep or just before I'm really awake!
thanks for visiting!

Samara Leigh said...

Sleeping! Ha! I rarely have the good sense to do that. LOL

In fact, getting more sleep is part of my grand new "plan" to get everything - including my novels-in-progress - back on track.

appletini said...

Mine would be titled "13 things I am doing other than studying" :)