Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Living in the Now

Planning is important. Without goals and plans we don't get very far in life. But it's not healthy for us to spend so much time thinking about the days, months, and years ahead that we miss the joy of experiences in the moment, in the now.

This a subject that GQ Jones and I often debate. From the moment my son turned 17, GQ would keep telling him "You're practically 18." He starts every vacation day by counting the number of days until he returns to work: "Well, just four more days left of my vacation." I love him to death, but it drives me freakin' crazy.

Now my son - who is at times like GQ congealed - has started to do the same. Here was today's conversation at 1PM:

Mini Record Mogul: "Wow, it's almost Friday again. The weeks are passing so fast these days."

Me (Who has trouble keeping track of my days of the week): "It is Tuesday, isn't it?"

MRM: "Yeah, but I'm just saying. It's almost Friday."

Me: "But, it's Tuesday."

MRM: "But in three days it'll be Friday."

Me: "But, that's three days from now."

MRM: "I know. But before you know it, I'll be chillin' and relaxing."

Me: "On Tuesday-Friday?"

MRM: "Yep."

Alrighty then. I've spent enough of my life waiting for this or that to happen. Like this one thing would make everything good, better, or at least okay. Maybe it's just being on the other side of 35. But, I am determined to get the maximum out of every single moment of my life. I'm planning for tomorrow. But, I'm living in the now.


Destined for Greatness said...

For some people it is hard to live in the moment. I am notorious for living and planning my tomorrows. I am just like you son, everyday is one step closer to the day I actually want it to be. Case in point I am 25 but am planning for 30 like I do not have 5 years for it to come. What can you do?

appletini said...

I LOVE that saying..."I/m planning for tomorrow, but living in the now".
I think it's hard for most people to do that, especially in the U.S.

Born Diva said...

Bravo.. for capturing an actual conversation with the mini-mogul. I can so hear it play out in my head. But, I am like you. Although, I am planning for tomorrow I am trying my best to get more out of today. When you are always counting off what's next do you ever reach the end result or you just start a new count. When Friday comes does he then say"Well, only two more days until Monday". LOL.. I love it

Michelle O'Neil said...

I have a hard time knowing what day it even is!

Or month.

Usually I get the year right however.

Mel said...

lol, Michelle. Right now my future seems so long never here. I've decided to look at today. today wasn't so bad. Can't speak for tomorrow so why stress over it.

Farrah Rochon said...

"Planning for tomorrow, but living in the now".

I love it, and I so need to practice it. I've often found myself anticipating what's the come without taking the time to enjoy what is currently going on in my life. As time passes, I try to appreciate today more and more.

Great post!

Shauna Roberts said...

I always need reminding of the importance of living in the now, so thanks for your post. After Katrina and after having had several close relatives and friends die within the past three years, I know intellectually that life can change dramatically at any moment and that one shouldn't put off enjoyment to another day, because that day may not come. But it's still hard for me to set aside time to just experience life when there's paying work to be done, chores to be done, and writing that I want to do.