Friday, June 29, 2007

Whose Birthday Is It Anyway?

My mini-record mogul is officially all grown-up. He may be 18, but I still consider him my baby. Even more so because of the challenges that he experiences. It is a fine line that you must walk as a parent of a child with learning differences. Add that to your normal teen-age angst and you've got yourself a doozy.

The challenge that this poses for us as his parents, more than all the others, is striking a careful balance between trying to protect him and teach him and allowing him more freedom. A few years ago I really started to notice that we had fallen into the habit of telling him what to do all of the time. Because of this, he would often just look to us for answers and not even try to think things through. I discovered he was way too reliant on us and it was our own darn fault!

He is doing so much better in this regard now. It is nice to see him maturing. I have learned to celebrate his successes. I am also much better at seeing his challenges through his eyes and helping him to navigate them.

All day long all I've been thinking is that I need to marinate in a vat of Oil of Olay or something now that I am the mother of an 18-year-old. It's Mini-Mogul's B'day, so why do I feel like it just as much a turning point for me?


Michelle O'Neil said...

Happy Birthday to your son!

I too am always questioning when to step in, when to pull back with my children. It is such a delicate balance, wanting to protect them/ wanting them to learn to take care of themselves!

I found you on a google search of Cleveland bloggers. We are new to Cleveland this month.

Loved your fabulous women over 40 post!

Samara Leigh said...

Thanks Michelle!

Welcome to The Cleve - did you see that episode of 30 Rock? It was great.

I hope you've been enjoying our fair town. We really do have quite a lot to offer, particularly family-friendly events and arts & culture.