Saturday, June 2, 2007

I've Been a Very Bad Blogger

Geez, has it been two weeks? I'm a very bad blogger. However, I've spent the past two weeks very well. I went on a PC Free Diet. I actually closed my office door and forced myself to stay away from my office for a full week. It was great! I actually got out into the great outdoors. I played a little tennis, saw a few movies, did some barbecuing... it was absolutely fabulous. Best of all, despite spending much more time together over the super long weekend, all was well on the homestead. GQ Jones (husband), Mini-Record Mogul (teen-age son) and I all got along quite nicely, thank you.

Ahh... I could go for a grilled turkey burger from Brown Bag Burgers, baked sweet potato fries and another glass of Moscato right now.

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