Saturday, June 2, 2007

A Few Movie Recommendations...

Okay, lots to talk about. Here are a few of my picks:

Spiderman 3

I loved the movie, particulary the whole good vs. evil within oneself as my beloved Peter Parker struggles with the seducing power of the black Spiderman suit. I also enjoyed the twist on the story with Harry who is blinded by his need for revenge over the death of his father back in the first installation. The storyline between Peter Parker and Mary Jane is quite interesting as well.

My only gripe with an otherwise wonderful movie is that they tried to stuff just a bit too much into one feature film. I thought that the Sandman's story, while compelling, was just too much with everything else that was already going on. His story would have worked better had they saved it for the next film.

Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End

I love Johnny Depp and I am a huge fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Hell, I even have the original soundtrack from the first movie. I definitely enjoyed the film. There is all of the usual swashbuckling and Johnny's Depp's insane Keith Richards-esque pirate antics. I never get tired of that. Orlando Bloom was as yummy as ever and they layered just enough clothing on Keira Knightly to keep her from looking like an underfed waif.

I enjoyed the film. However, it did feel a bit long and the plot got a bit convoluted. I usually prefer overly complicated plots that leave my movie mates scratching their heads. This time I was doing a bit of the headscratching and saying, "Huh?" and "Oh..... now I get it." Maybe I was just a bit tired from all of the walking, tennis, and turkey burger eating. Hey, at least Mini-Record Mogul and I stayed awake for the entire movie. Not everyone in our party did. :-)

The Queen

I really enjoyed this film. I am a royal family junkie who still mourns the loss of Diana. However, this film does a wonderful job of following the Queen's struggles in the days following the death of Diana. A very private woman's hand is forced and she must deal with her emotions in a much more public fashion and break with the traditions and protocols that she holds so dearly and has sacrificed her own desires to maintain. I was surprised at how sympathetic her character became once we learned more about her. The interactions between the Queen and brand new prime minister Tony Blair (played by Michael Sheen) are often quite awkward and intense. He is struggling to "modernize" England while Queen Elizabeth II is dead set against this. I liked Helen MrCrory who plays Cherie Blair, Tony's wife. She is no fan of the Queen and her old school ways.

Seeing the circus that is the royal life, and the life of those in politics is a quick and easy cure for anyone who might feel envious of such a lifestyle. Helen Mirren is a wonderful actress. Besides that, I love her style on the red carpet. Way to show the world that mature doesn't mean "old" nor does it have to mean unsexy.


I resisted seeing this movie. It wasn't until all of the Golden Globe and Oscar hype that I started to think, maybe there is something to this. I love the old musicals - Singing in the Rain, My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music (How much do I love that movie!), The Wizard of Oz, The Wiz, Beauty and the Beast (I still know every word to every song in that movie). I would definitely add DreamGirls to my list of favorites.

The story of the Dreams climb from obscurity into the limelight is filled with highs and lows; ambition and greed; love and hate. I guess I was afraid that there would be so much emphasis on the soundtrack and very little concentration on the quality of the story and the individual performances. Jennifer Hudson really is impressive as Effie White, the woman whose dream resulted in the formation of the Dreamettes in the first place. I have to admit, if you force it out of me, that Beyonce Knowles was actually pretty good. She has definitely grown as an actress. I thought that Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx and Keith Robinson were outstanding in their roles as the leading men in the film. I'll definitely be adding this one to my collection.

What did you think of these films?

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appletini said...

I didn't want to read your Pirates review because I haven't seen the movie. But I really liked Spiderman. I agreee with the "stuff a bit too much in one feature film". I am dying to see the Pirates movie :)