Friday, June 29, 2007

Father's Day is the Real Mother's Day

I was visiting Literary Mama and saw Deesha Philyaw's colum, "The Girl is Mine." Very funny and it reminded me of something I meant to post about way back yonder on Father's Day. (Sorry I was being a particularly bad blogger who was missing in action).

Apparently us Moms have really got this thing figured out. We may have to spend a few hours in the kitchen to make Dad's favorite meal, or come off a chunk of change to purchase the latest gadget or a new putter. Yet, I think we're coming out ahead.

I was running around on Father's Day - picking up an ice cream cake (GQ loves them) and a few other items. My boys were at the local pool. When I dropped them off my husband looked pitiful. As if separating him from his easy chair and television were a crime. There were several other fathers who looked just as tired and hot as my hubby. They were busy chasing their kids around the pool. Only a handful of moms were there.

Everywhere I ventured there were fathers covered in ice cream, chips, and a variety of other stains ushering two, three, or even four kids around restaurants, parks, the movies, and the pool. Again, just a handful of moms to be found. Most of them were with their adult kids.

Suddenly I realized that Father's Day has turned into this awesome freebie day for mothers everywhere. We get to chill back at the house while Dad spends the day with his brood. SWEET! Maybe we should look into making it Father's Weekend instead. If we manage to pull that off, I will definitely meet you at the spa.



Michelle O'Neil said...

I'm willing to make it a whole week. Or how about Father's Month?

It's the least we could do.

appletini said...

That sounds like a great idea to me!