Thursday, May 10, 2007

We'll Miss You LaKisha

So finally, we lose LaKisha. I was so sure that the finale would be LaKisha Jones and Melinda Doolittle. However, at this stage of the game, it gets pretty difficult. Everyone is talented. Even when someone has a bad night, like Jordin Sparks did last week, fans are inclined to remember all of the really great performances she had in past weeks and keep her in the competition. Then poor Phil Stacey had probably the best performance of the night last week and he's the first to get booted off. That completely sucks. It is a singing contest, Simon, but apparently it is just as much a popularity contest as anything else.

I definitely still believe LaKisha has one of the strongest voices, her performances in past weeks have at times been less than stellar. It happens. I've got a few less-than-stellar performances under my rug, too. However, I hope that she will still come out on top, like Number Four from last year's competition - Chris Daughtry - did.

I've got to admit that Jordin, for the most part, has been getting better and better (though I felt she was a candidate to be ousted the week of the Gwen Stefani performance and last week when she slaughtered Jon Bon Jovi's tune). However, the girl can blow and I could definitely see her throwing down in the finals.

Blake, too, has really impressed me. I love his voice. This is something I just discovered a few weeks ago. Before that I thought the beat-boxing-to-every-song strategy was quite annoying. While I haven't loved every performance of his, I do like him very much. And I totally dig the dark hair with the streaks. Sexy.

Melinda? Well, she's the hands down winner to me. However, if I forget to vote again, like I did last week, she could end up going the way of LaKisha Jones. Sorry KiKi! I got caught up working and forgot. I'll buy your CD when it comes out, to make it up, I swear.

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