Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Wanna Get Away?

You know it's time for a change when an Google ad like this catches your eye: I've lived in Greater Cleveland my entire existence. I'm not knockin' The Cleve, but sometimes a girl just needs a change. I am seriously overdue for a change of scenery.

Dream cities:

New York

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Phoenix, AZ

Coming from the Midwest, the above cities definitely pose a cost-of-living culture shock. So, I guess I am still looking. However, my fleeting fascination with Perth, Australia was cured by a reality check of the city's pros and cons. The last thing I need is to live amidst sand storms, swarms of flies and reckless driving "hoons."

Maybe I should consider Duluth, Minnesota.

Okay, so maybe I am still looking.


Trin said...

Oooh, having visited Santa Fe, Phoenix, Perth and Duluth, I would say that you definitely have a variety of options you're considering. Yet they are all wonderful. I just moved to MN from Los Angeles a few years ago, and am still shocked at the cost of living difference, out here it's in my favor. Lots to consider, but just remember the words of Sheryl Crow "a change will do you good".

Samara Leigh said...

Quoting Sheryl Crow? A woman after my own heart. I just broke out the Sheryl Crow greatest hits CD the other day. Think I'll pop it in. I have Santa Fe and Phoenix on the radar to visit. I've been to the airport in Phoenix, this time I hope to get to actually see the city.

I'm pretty sure that there is a hot air balloon festival in Santa Fe. This might make me an uber geek, but I've been dying to go to the festival.

Stacy said...

I've always wanted to move East, but I have a feeling I'll remain a Midwest woman. A girl can dream though, right?