Thursday, May 3, 2007

They're Playin' Basketball

I've tried to be a pretty good blogger. Really. But it's the P-L-A-Y-O-F-F-S for god's sake. It's hard enough for me to find time to work and comb my hair. Okay, so I've been finger combing, but it looks great. Really.

Anyhoo, I love an underdog. Always have. And I've found myself a new underdog. The Golden State Warriors. What?! I honestly can't remember EVER watching a Golden State Warriors game. No matter who they were playing. So, I certainly didn't know who any of their players were. Now I'm all about Baron Davis. This dude is fierce. I still love the Mavs, and of course my team is still the Cleveland Cavaliers. But the Golden State Warriors have a lot of heart. Who can't respect that? Even hatin' Charles Barkley is practically riding the Warriors train. One suggestion for Baron: hook up with Ice Cube's barber and lose the super-thick beard. It's hiding like 65% of your face.

I so wanted Golden State to win when they played in Dallas the other night. They came so close to wrapping things up right there in Dallas' house. Mark Cuban would have had a coronary. He practically did anyway. This guy definitely needs to take up yoga or something. They couldn't quite pull it off in Dallas, but now they are at home. I fully expect them to take care of business tonight.

Other Play-off Observations

The Miami Heat - WTF? Not even ONE game? Then again, Miami is like an NBA Retirement home. Peyton, Zo, Shaq. Love them all, but seriously guys, it's not like being a postal clerk or accountant. You're not supposed to play until you're 65. You guys have got your ring already! Now go play bocce ball or something. And Dwyane, get the surgery already.

The Denver Nuggets - I have long been an Allen Iverson fan. I would love to see AI get a ring. The whole Nugget meltdown was kinda sad - even before all the 'Melo tears. At least he can go home and play with La La and the baby.

The Cleveland Cavaliers - Okay, despite the fact that we swept the seriously disabled Washington Wizards, it wasn't always so pretty. But we got the job done. Major impressed with Z and Drew Gooden. Hell, I'll even stop talking about that weird throwback from the eighties square he's been wearing on the back of his head. (Is that the black version of a mullet?) Anyhoo, I'm extremely proud of my boys. This is our year. Can you feel it?

Oh snap! I've got a Warriors game to watch. The Warriors -vs- The Cavs in the Finals? I'll take that bet.

Peace out,

Samara Leigh

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