Monday, May 14, 2007

Get Your Yoga On

If you love Yoga, or have wanted to give it a try. Here is a perfect way to try your hand at it without venturing to a yoga studio or gym: Yoga Today. This excellent program offers a new high-quality yoga workout each day. The difficulty of each practice varies and is given up front. The segments are filmed in beautiful locations and are easy to follow.

You can watch the streaming video or you can download them - video and audio or audio only - to your iPod or computer.

I got up a bit earlier and worked on the Blissful Hip Openers video, filmed in beautiful Sedona, AZ, today. I haven't done yoga in awhile so I won't tell you how far I made it through the video. However, I will be back on the horse again tomorrow. Gotta go now. It's time for my neighborhood walk. I am working toward achieving two of my 43 things I want to do: get to my ideal weight and be my best self.

What are you working to achieve today?

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Rain said...

I've tried Yoga Today. There are some great things about it but I am a bigger fan of My Yoga Online . They have lots of classes to choose from, and yoga and pilates and classes are different levels and lengths. Plus, I am just not down with the commercials on today's classes. Namaste to all the online yogi's in the house.