Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dream Houses

I've taken to walking the neighborhood an hour each day. Partly because we are trying to get to know our new neighborhood, partly because we're always scouting for a next possible home (we want to find a great fixer-upper and restore it). Mostly because I am trying to whittle away some unwanted pounds.

The weather has been beautiful and there is nothing like walking outside. The Cardio Cinema at Fitworks runs a close second. I once stayed on a treadmill for nearly two hours to see The Mexican. Now that's motivation.

One of the reasons I love our new neighborhood so much is because there are some really fabulous homes there. However, unlike those cookie cutter developments where every house is essentially the same, just a different color - MAYBE - these houses are all very different. Yet, each is well-maintained and blends in with the rest of the neighborhood.

I love seeing the different styles of architecture and I've decided that I love the Spanish style stucco homes with clay tile or slate roofs most. This house was absolutely gorgeous! The picture really doesn't do it justice. There are fabulous architectural features to this home. I am hanging a picture as a symbol of what I am working to accomplish, as a way to help keep me focused on nice warm, breezy days like today.


Samara Leigh

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Stacy said...

I like your taste in houses. Very charming!