Tuesday, April 24, 2007

VA Tech Observations

I wanted to wait awhile before I addressed the issue of the heinous VA Tech massacre. What a horribly tragic affair. So unnecessary. Is it really horrible of me to always think to myself in such cases, if he planned to take himself out anyway, why didn't he just start there? He would have saved all of us a lot of pain and tragedy.

However, it is pretty obvious why said villain - whose name I refuse to give more press - did what he did. I mean, how many madman stop after phase one of their killing spree to send perfectly posed psychotic propaganda to a television station? Geez! I have been pretty disgusted with NBC and the local newspapers for glorifying this guy and giving him EXACTLY what he wanted. Are they kidding me? Are they THAT stupid? I know ratings are important, particularly if your network lags behind, but sometimes you just have to say NO.

Things I Hope We've Learned

I'm sick and tired of the "Guns don't kill people. People kill people," speech. The NRA can shove that one up their... well, you can just imagine where. Guns DO kill people. Particularly semi-automatic weapons and hollow-point bullets. That's what they are friggin' manufactured for! When are we ever going to get out of this Wild, Wild West mentality?

Autism & Mental Illness need to be addressed with even 1/10th of the fervor with which we are willing to go and take over other countries. Taking care of the mentally ill wouldn't be nearly as draining on our economy as say, hmm.... a never-ending war.

Bullying must be taken seriously. There could never, ever, ever, ever, be an excuse for the unmitigated violence that was unleashed on VA Tech last Monday. However, so many of these stories have the same impetus in common. Bullying. This is a lesson that not only parents and teachers should pay attention to; but students. From kindergarten to the workplace, we all need to take note of the fact that bullying destroys lives. For years families lost their bullied children to suicide in silence and the world hardly took notice. Increasingly, the bullied are coming after their aggressors and taking their lives, and the lives of many others along with them. Schools should be a safe haven for our children. Not pure hell.

An increasing number of these incidents involve someone that has a history of Prozac or similar drugs. Are these drugs replacing depression with murderous psychosis? How many more incidents like this will we have before someone feels it is time to examine the connection more closely?


Samara Leigh


Kathy Holmes said...

I agree about the gun thing. Ever since my half-brother innocently pointed a loaded gun at me, thinking it was a toy, back when we were kids. Thankfully, he was too little to pull the trigger.

Samara Leigh said...

Wow, that really brings the situation close to home. So many parents think their kids don't know where they keep their guns, that they are too little to reach them, that the bullets are somewhere else... only to discover that their child was more perceptive, more ingenious, more mischievous than they thought. Unfortunately, by the time that they figure all of that out... their beautiful little genius is lost forever.

Supa said...

Great post, word on everything you said.

Supa said...

Oh, and hey! Nice to read u. Thanks for stopping by my spot. :)