Friday, April 20, 2007

Must See TV - 30 Rock & Raines

I've been meaning to blog about 30 Rock for a few weeks. Too bad it took Alec Baldwin's psychotic voicemail to his daughter leaked by his ex to remind me. Particularly since the last episode, which I just watched today, thanks to the ol' DVR, was showin' The Cleve some serious love.

Normally C-Town is the butt of a thousand jokes, including the ones about the burning river, which no-one will ever seem to let us forget (what you've never accidentally set anything on fire?) Anyhoo, Liz Lemon and her oh-so-perfect boyfriend Floyd, which she finally managed to snag after a series of hilarious and slightly psychotic episodes, take a trip "out West" to Cleveland. They feel like they are in some other happy universe where everything is grand. I loved the footage of some of my favorite Cleveland landmarks. Check out the Cleveland! Video. My favorite line is when Liz and Floyd step out of the BP building and she asks, "What smells so good?" His answer? "Cleveland." Take that all you C-Town Haters.

I love the show and have been a fan for a while. The only thing that drives me a little crazy is the Tracy Morgan character is often too far over the top. Even with that, he's been part of some really great plot lines: When Liz thought he was illiterate and he used it as a license to do even less work. The episode where fired his posse because he discovered that they were kissing up to him. The episode where he was searching for a religion before he got into some scandal, at the advice of his publicist. Then this week when he felt that the Black Crusaders - a secret group that meets in the skull of the Statue of Liberty four times of year and is headed by Bill Cosby and Oprah, its "chief majors." Apparently Gordon from Sesame Street is a member, too. Hilarious stuff.

Check out the highlight reel of the episode here or the full episode here and let me know what you think.

Another fantastic NBC show - Raines. Jeff Goldblum looks better than I ever remember him looking in his entire career. Smoldering hot and slightly off his rocker. Just the way I like them. Just kidding. Sort of...

I like the premise of the show. He's not seeing ghosts, rather his intense need to "know the victim" often results in his hallucinations about them, as if they are standing next to him and conversing with him. What I like most is that the show isn't gimmicky. It's a good solid show with great story lines and solid performances. I just wish that Malik Yoba was his living partner instead of being one of Raines' hallucinations. The brother always goes first, doesn't he? LOL. Catch last week's episode of Raines here.

Sidebar on the Alec Baldwin crazy voicemail: Dude, what were you thinking? You know Kim hates you. Why provide ammo? Secondly, we don't call our 11-year-olds selfish little pigs. Especially not to the top of our lungs. I've got a teenager so I've been the mother of an 11-year-old that actually was a self-centered little slob. Nevertheless, AB, we just don't do it. Capiche?

Peace out,

Samara Leigh

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