Friday, March 16, 2007

When Did ET Become All Anna Nicole All the Time?

Okay, I tried to let this ride. I thought if I just ignored it the whole thing would blow over, or at the very least, they would run out of manufactured angles for this entire sad tale. I was wrong. So here it goes:

I have long been a fan of Entertainment Tonight, since way back in the John Tesh day. No age jokes, please. I've always considered the show to be the definitive answer to my entertainment questions. More legitimate than all the others. Yet the show's constant fixation on the sadder-by-the day Anna Nicole story has pushed me over the edge. I just cant stomach the show anymore.

Their obsession started with the birth of Dannielynn Hope, Anna Nicole's daughter. Every day the show teased another "new development" "breaking news" or "an interview you'll only see here." I'll admit it: I was hooked. They strung me along like an Anna Nicole junkie for at least two weeks before I stopped watching the show.

Then Anna Nicole was found dead - which was shocking, yet not surprising, if that makes any sense. I was sucked right back into the ET vortex. Every single person who could even possibly muster a connection with Anna Nicole was called upon to add their testimonial to the ET misery parade. At some point the parade would end, I thought. Not with the cast of sorry characters currently awaiting their 15 minutes of fame.

Estranged mothers with ridiculous exhumation requests. Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband with his paternity contest, dizzy landlords, bodyguards, nurses, the lady who once made Anna Nicole a smoothie... you get the picture.

So now it's time to make my dramatic plea:

Have a little respect for the dead, Entertainment Tonight. Anna Nicole's diary? OMG! I bet you wouldn't want anyone making headlines out of your personal diary Mary Hart & Mark Steines!

I'm not asking you that you never report on the Anna Nicole story again. I am, however, asking that you remember that despite her sensational life, she was a human being who deserves a little peace, if only in death. Not to mention the fact that there are other entertainment stories that deserve our attention. How about focusing on some of the stars who make headlines by "getting it right" a bit more often?


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