Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Sanjaya Malakar
One of the Top Twelve on American Idol Season 6

First of all, does this guy have great hair or what? LOVE the hair. Now, let's get real for a minute. Why the hell is this kid still here? "He is love," "He has a light within," yadda, yadda, yadda. To borrow Simon's oft-repeated line... "This is a SINGING contest." Indeed it is my friends. Or so they tell us. So again I'll ask... why is Sanjaya still here?

"Unlistenable" as Randy said, is the perfect word for many of Sanjaya's performances. Nothing personal. I really, really, really like this kid. He's got great hair. A great fashion sense. Beautiful smile. He can do the hula. If American Idol were about any of those things I'd vote for the guy in a heartbeat (yes people, I am over 30 and I DO VOTE most weeks, and I'm not ashamed to say it).

As hair-rific, light-bearing, adorable and fashion-forward as Sanjaya may be, he just doesn't belong on the stage anymore. His vocals are far below those of the other contestants. Unlike the happy dance I did when Antonella Barba finally went home, I will actually be a little sad to see Sanjaya go. I definitely won't be joining J, who started a My Space page called, Starvation for Sanjaya. She refuses to eat until Sanjaya is voted off the show. She feels he is making a mockery of the show. Sorry J. Me likes me vittles a little too much. Besides, I'm not quite as confident that America, and all points east, will come to their senses as quickly as they should.

As for Sanjaya, even he admitted this week that he knows he isn't the best singer on the show. Maybe his fans will come to the same realization, too.

No worries. He will probably get his own show on Nickolodeon.

Gotta go. The phone lines are only open for another 45 minutes.

Peace out.

Samara Leigh

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