Thursday, March 22, 2007

Elliot Yamin-ecine

Stephanie Edwards, Voted off of American Idol this week.

This year's American Idol is shaping up really strangely (read insane). Sanjaya Malakar keeps hangin' on through the grace of tone deaf teeny boppers and a crop of voters with extremely questionable judgement and perhaps non-functioning hearing aids. But, enough about that.

I am self-medicating to get over my mini-depression over the loss of Stephanie Edwards, who I was sure would be one of the final three or four. No, I'm not hitting pills or booze (though I could make a good case for an extra glass of Moscato). Instead I've opted for a healthy dose of Idol Blast from the Last...season, that is. I've been listening to Chris Daughtry's CD - excellent - and I just picked up Elliot Yamin's new CD at Target this morning. Our "funky white boy" has had a makeover. Soft, tousled curls, straight teeth. Boyfriend looks pretty hot and he sounds better than ever. Take a listen below.


Samara Leigh


Manic Mom said...

Do you like Blake Lewis? I think he's such a cutie! This is the first season I've watched religiously.

Samara Leigh said...

Sorry, Blake is not one of my favorites; but I definitely admire his commitment to the process and his innovative style (musical, not fashion!).

The 2 men standing out for me are Chris Richardson and Phil Stacey. But, I am pulling for one of the remaining uber-talented women to win this year.