Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Counting Down the Days Until I Can Get Real Broadband

Okay, I am totally not one to beat a dead horse; but Time Warner is the soup du jour again today, my friends. Is it too much to expect reliable, constant service in return for the inflated prices we are paying? Evidently so. Here is an open letter to the Beast that is Adelphia/Time Warner Cable/SUCKY:

Let me take this opportunity to let you know how thoroughly disappointed I've been with your service over the past few months. For the past few months I've been playing technician far more than I've been using my computer. The service is pathetic, at best.

This would be intolerable at any price. But, to think I am paying for a higher level of service and I am now getting less than what I’ve enjoyed over the past two years is completely unacceptable.

What is even worse than the service, or the lack there of, that I have received these past months, is the non-chalant blame game that your representatives have been taught so well. “It’s not us.” It’s your router.” It’s Vonage.” “It’s the snowflakes.” “It’s the wind.” “It’s Mighty-Mouse.” Give me a break.

Please explain to me why my set-up that was working perfectly fine for months suddenly became “defective”? Please explain to me why I was under the impression that I am paying for 4,000kbps, but your not-so-nice rep this morning explained to me that it was “up to 4,000 kbps” and that “half of that is acceptable.”

“Acceptable to whom?” I inquired, rhetorically, of course. After all, by this time it is quite obvious that my satisfaction and ability to use the service with any consistency is not an issue for Adelphia/Time Warner.

For any customer this would be quite maddening. For me, a person who works from home and whose son goes to an electronic distance school, it is a death knell. Every hour I spend tinkering with connections, plugging and unplugging my service and calling tart reps and supposed managers robs us of valuable time. Time that translates to lost productivity, incomplete work, lost customers and lost revenue. I’ve already had to cancel two online meetings because my connection was poor and delayed. The people on the web meeting who had dial-up had less of a delay than I did.

There is already quite a Time Warner Fan club on the internet, of which I am now a member. However, I now feel it is time to take this to the mainstream media. Therefore, I’d like to get your “official” side of the story for an article I am currently working on and will be sending to several members of the local media later today.

Please call to discuss. If I don’t answer, it’s probably just because my internet service is down again.


End of Letter

It's a shame when you select possible new homes based on which one will allow you to have service other than Time Warner; but that's what we are down to. Oh the days of Direct TV. (Sigh) What I wouldn't give for an NFL ticket and continuous internet service.

Peace and Constant Cable Connections to You and Yours,

Samara Leigh

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