Monday, March 19, 2007

CAVS Fans Reality Check

Cleveland has some of the most passionate fans on earth. Did I mention that the only football game I attended at the new stadium was the notorious bottle-throwing incident? Nuff said. So, this plea may very well fall on deaf ears. But, I'm an optimist so I'm going for it anyway:

First of all, let me preface this by saying I've never been a Carlos Boozer fan, per se. He played for us, so I rooted for him. When he was gone, he was forgotten. Now, to all of the fans who were carrying signs spitting venomous hatred at Carlos Boozer - probably highly paid execs and their indoctrinated kids - let's have a reality-based chat, shall we?

How many of you love your current place of employment SO MUCH that if someone came along and handed you an extra $20+ M-I-L-L-I-O-N to do said job you would say, "Never!" Hell, I'd venture that most of you would venture to another job for what amounts to an extra buck an hour. So where do we get off condemning someone else for making a smart financial choice for their future?

Secondly, I'll bet any of those same fans would leave their job as peons, or even as "Robin" to be "Batman" somewhere else. Sports players do it all of the time. Heck, Justin left N' Sync for the exact same reason. He didn't want to be leader of the pack, he wanted to be the show. More power to him.

We have a fantastic basketball team that is really beginning to gel. True contenders. We have so many reasons to celebrate our team. We don't need to spend countless hours on how much we hate former team members. That's just sad. Makes us sound like a bunch of Loozers.

Peace out,

Samara Leigh

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