Thursday, January 18, 2007

I've Got Hips. I'm Not Blind.

What on earth makes clothing manufacturers think that anyone with hips and behind has absolutely no sense of fashion whatsoever?

Have you seen some of the clothing in these Plus-Size Departments? My grandmother wouldn't have been caught dead in that crap.

Yet, somehow they think as your hips grow your sense of fashion is automatically ripped from your soul. Suddenly you will be content with polyester monstrosities peppered with offensive floral patterns, holiday displays or colors that should never, ever, ever been seen in the same context. Their lack of respect for me as a consumer makes me wonder what else they are trying to pull. It certainly doesn't make me want to mosey on over to the next department.

Fortunately, in a day and age when the average woman is now a size 14, many manufacturers are beginning to "get it." I was over on 55 Secret Street when I discovered a fantastic new clothier that makes clothing for fashionistas with... you'll never believe it...HIPS. It's called Igigi. They have some great pieces that you won't have to pawn your rings or sell your car to purchase. Another favorite of mine is Torrid. They actually believe that women size fourteen plus can be... sexy. I'm not kidding! Check them out and let a hip-having sister know who is your favorite curve-friendly clothier.


Samara Leigh

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