Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Soundtrack Addictions

I could listen to this CD for hours on end - and I have. This satisfies both my classical music and movie soundtrack addiction in one neat little fix. Get a little sample here. Sample the rest of the album by clicking on the graphic and scrolling to the bottom of the page.


Samara Leigh

Monday, January 22, 2007

You're Only As Good As Your Socks

For all of you who thought otherwise, I wanted to be sure to bring you up to speed. I heard this from someone the other day and I thought I'd share. His theory is no matter how great you sound or look, if you take off your shoes and you've got holes in your socks, it will blow all previous conceptions of how great you are.

I found this weird, bordering on insane. However, on thinking about it a bit more, I could sort of see his point. It's like I tell my teenage son about saggy pants and the fricking white t-shirt that makes you look just like 10,000 other mindless drones: People judge you by your appearance. It may not be a good barometer, it may not be fair, but that is just the way it is.

Now some battles are worth fighting. The right to wear one's hair naturally, instead of chemically-altered at their place of work and models and actresses refusal to look like undernourished twigs or heroine addicts in order to get work, for instance.

However, insisting on wearing interminably bad fashion that does absolutely nothing for your body type just because "everyone else is doing it" just doesn't fly.

And, I guess neither do holey socks.

Samara Leigh

Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm in Love!

Maybe I've had my head in the sand; but I'd never heard of Kevan Hall until I watched the Golden Globes and the subsequent episode of the Fashion Police on E! His designs are absolutely awesome. Check him out at


Samara Leigh

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I've Got Hips. I'm Not Blind.

What on earth makes clothing manufacturers think that anyone with hips and behind has absolutely no sense of fashion whatsoever?

Have you seen some of the clothing in these Plus-Size Departments? My grandmother wouldn't have been caught dead in that crap.

Yet, somehow they think as your hips grow your sense of fashion is automatically ripped from your soul. Suddenly you will be content with polyester monstrosities peppered with offensive floral patterns, holiday displays or colors that should never, ever, ever been seen in the same context. Their lack of respect for me as a consumer makes me wonder what else they are trying to pull. It certainly doesn't make me want to mosey on over to the next department.

Fortunately, in a day and age when the average woman is now a size 14, many manufacturers are beginning to "get it." I was over on 55 Secret Street when I discovered a fantastic new clothier that makes clothing for fashionistas with... you'll never believe it...HIPS. It's called Igigi. They have some great pieces that you won't have to pawn your rings or sell your car to purchase. Another favorite of mine is Torrid. They actually believe that women size fourteen plus can be... sexy. I'm not kidding! Check them out and let a hip-having sister know who is your favorite curve-friendly clothier.


Samara Leigh

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Teach Your Kid Some Manners

Okay, I'm still a little miffed so I am going to put this into Cyberspace and let it be:

I was standing in line at the grocery store after driving back from out of state. I had about a third of a shopping cart of items, but when an older gentleman got in line behind me with only a box of cereal and a gallon of milk, I insisted that he go ahead of me. Okay, so far everything is copasetic.

Next, a rotund little elf with a decidely bad haircut stands behind the man in front of me and my big ass silver cart, as if she can't see me. Now, I try not to cause unnecessary scenes, especially since I live in a community that is about 98.5% not like me, if you get my drift. And, normally, no matter where I am, I don't let crap like that ride - if you consider musing aloud about how not everyone has received home training and how incredibly rude this little elf was letting it ride - but today I was just tired. I wanted to go home, wanted to get something to eat, wanted to get into the bed.

If for no other reasons than those, I decided to be the bigger person - not literally - and refrain from physically wedging my cart in places that probably have not seen sunlight in some time.

The point of this diatribe is...teach yo' kids some manners. Rude children grow up to be rude adults. I won't waste my time trying to figure out if the Rotund Elf was just rude to people in general, or if she can only see black people when she is wearing some special super hero shades. Either way, from kiddies to world leaders slugging it out in Taiwan, we need to learn to be a bit more civil and live together in peace and harmony. Okay, down off the soapbox.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

How Do I Hate Time Warner Cable? Let Me Count the Ways

How do I hate Time Warner Cable? Let me count the ways:
I hate Time Warner Cable to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach when I can't get my friggin' emails.

WTF? What is wrong with these people? I am a former Adelphia customer. The suddenly TWC comes riding into town and hijacks by service. Did anyone ask me if I wanted to be passed off to someone else? While I considered this highly offensive, I could have lived with the change. After all, it's not as if I was married to Adelphia. But ever since they've come to town, my once beloved broadband has become the bane of my friggin' existence.

I work from home using...guess computer and the internet. My son goes to a distance learning school using...guess what...his computer and the internet. Guess how much work we've gotten done over the past two days? Very, very, very, very little. As you can imagine I am more than a little pissed. There was actually steam coming out of my ears earlier.

I heard a hilarious radio commercial a while ago knocking TWC, which apparently is determined to take over the world. It was a supposed TWC voicemail message saying that they were too busy picking out carpeting and new furniture or something for their new local corporate offices. Therefore the customer service wait would be really long.

Apparently I am not the only person with a gripe against TWC. Check out the following: Here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

I have no problem with TWC wanting to be the MegaCable Company of the Universe. My only request is not to do so at the expense of my service. Okay, 'nuff said!

Peace and Continuous High-Speed Connections,

Samara Leigh

Inspired by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Bad Boy Ballads

Why do I think Aaron Lewis is scary-hot?

I've been listening to this one a lot lately.

Samara Leigh

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

It's Me & Peter Parker

No wonder Peter Parker has always been my favorite superhero. He's my friggin' alter ego. According to the latest "What are you?" survey. Who wouldn't love a compassionate super hero like Spidey, especially when Tobey McGuire is playing the role. However, it does alarm me that I have very little connection to any of the female superheroes. Perhaps it is their unfortunate attire. :-)

The first time we went to see Spiderman 2 my husband didn't like it. He, and about 50 other men, complained that Peter was "too wimpy" and that there wasn't enough action. "Could that be because there was an actual PLOT?" I'd retort. Besides, how many buildings does a superhero have to blow up before it is considered enough action. GEEZ! Anyhoo, my husband came around. When Spiderman 2 went on sale, guess who bought a copy the day it came out? Damn skippy. I can't wait for the next installation. I've seen the Spider-Man 3 trailer and it looks really exciting, with a whole new twist. I'm counting down the days. Plus, it will be cool to try and pick out the scenes that were filmed here in Cleveland. Which reminds me...

I'm on a mission to see every film - worth seeing that is - that has a Cleveland connection. First of all, let me just get this out of the way and admit that I have never seen A Christmas Story. Shh! Don't tell everyone. I'm working on correcting it. I missed it on cable last month, but I've got my library card ready and I plan on rectifying the matter. Take it down a thousand. There are about five other films that I want to see, as well.

Scroll down to see the results of my superhero test. Be sure to let me know who you turned out to be.


Samara Leigh

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