Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Find This Bad Boy a New Home, Please

Don't get it twisted. I am a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, first and foremost, through and through. But, I love me some Allen Iverson. I know what you are thinking... he's a bad boy. I mean he's BAD - the highest scorer in the league right now at the age of 31 , thank you very much. But he's also naughty, mischevious, a bad-ass who doesn't always make nice with the other kids, coaches, etc. He and the 76ers have tolerated each other for the past ten years, but like all "tolerable" relationships, it had to eventually come to an end.
While I'd love to see him here in Cleveland playing with LeBron, Larry, Z and the gang, in reality I know that he probably wouldn't gel with our team either. Honestly, that makes me truly sad. I truly hope that this brother finds a team that understands him and gets to work with a coach that he can learn to respect. He may be a basketball genius, but even Allen Iverson doesn't know everything. I just hope he doesn't turn into the T.O. of basketball. And God, no, I am not saying that Allen is anything like T.O. I just hope he doesn't turn into this exceptionally talented pariah that everyone is afraid to touch because they know that they will get burned.
He's got talent and an awful lot of heart. I just hope that he finds a good home and gets that ever elusive ring - the one that goes along with teamwork, dedication and a whole lot of tolerance and sacrifice.

Samara Leigh

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