Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada Hits a Bit Too Close to Home

So, I finally saw the movie. I'd listened to the book a couple of years ago. Why do I love them both? Because they remind me of my years working for a Dragon Lady. I particularly identified with the transformation that working for such a person begins to make on you. Sort of like backing a docile cat into a corner. It does what it needs to in order to survive.

As horrible an experience as it was overall, I certainly learned some valuable lessons.

1. I could and was doing her job. I learned that I was a lot better at what I did than I ever dreamed.

2. That even the evil have a vulnerable side. Yet, no matter how much you feel for them, you can't change them. Waiting on them to change, or for someone else to do something about their behavior is like taking years of your life and tossing them in the flames.

3. Never, ever let someone you despise change you, even subconsciously.

4. Whenever you have a bad feeling about taking a new job, BAIL! Get the hell out of there. However bad you THINK it might will actually be ten times worse. You would have been better off eating beans a few weeks longer and finding a job that will really suit your needs.

5. Contrary to what Dragon Lady proclaimed, being nice ISN'T a crime. However, being naive is.

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