Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada Hits a Bit Too Close to Home

So, I finally saw the movie. I'd listened to the book a couple of years ago. Why do I love them both? Because they remind me of my years working for a Dragon Lady. I particularly identified with the transformation that working for such a person begins to make on you. Sort of like backing a docile cat into a corner. It does what it needs to in order to survive.

As horrible an experience as it was overall, I certainly learned some valuable lessons.

1. I could and was doing her job. I learned that I was a lot better at what I did than I ever dreamed.

2. That even the evil have a vulnerable side. Yet, no matter how much you feel for them, you can't change them. Waiting on them to change, or for someone else to do something about their behavior is like taking years of your life and tossing them in the flames.

3. Never, ever let someone you despise change you, even subconsciously.

4. Whenever you have a bad feeling about taking a new job, BAIL! Get the hell out of there. However bad you THINK it might will actually be ten times worse. You would have been better off eating beans a few weeks longer and finding a job that will really suit your needs.

5. Contrary to what Dragon Lady proclaimed, being nice ISN'T a crime. However, being naive is.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Troy Smith Day in Cleveland - The Ville!

This kid is just a class act. I think he is just awesome and exactly what Cleveland, Ohio and residents of the Glenville neighborhood needed. No, he isn't perfect, no-one is, and he's made some mistakes - which by the way, sportscasters, you don't have to bring up in every single game he plays - but none of that matters. We ALL make mistakes. Sometimes humungous ones. But, he was willing to learn from his mistakes and move on and become better than ever. An excellent lesson for all of us

Plus, he keeps it humble, always gives credit to his coach, offensive line and everyone that helped shape him along the way. Definitely an inspiration to all of the young men, and women, from the Glenville neighborhood, that needed hope. As a Glenville alum, the mother of a young man, an African-American, someone who grew up in the Glenville neighborhood, I am truly proud.

Peace out,

Samara Leigh

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Find This Bad Boy a New Home, Please

Don't get it twisted. I am a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, first and foremost, through and through. But, I love me some Allen Iverson. I know what you are thinking... he's a bad boy. I mean he's BAD - the highest scorer in the league right now at the age of 31 , thank you very much. But he's also naughty, mischevious, a bad-ass who doesn't always make nice with the other kids, coaches, etc. He and the 76ers have tolerated each other for the past ten years, but like all "tolerable" relationships, it had to eventually come to an end.
While I'd love to see him here in Cleveland playing with LeBron, Larry, Z and the gang, in reality I know that he probably wouldn't gel with our team either. Honestly, that makes me truly sad. I truly hope that this brother finds a team that understands him and gets to work with a coach that he can learn to respect. He may be a basketball genius, but even Allen Iverson doesn't know everything. I just hope he doesn't turn into the T.O. of basketball. And God, no, I am not saying that Allen is anything like T.O. I just hope he doesn't turn into this exceptionally talented pariah that everyone is afraid to touch because they know that they will get burned.
He's got talent and an awful lot of heart. I just hope that he finds a good home and gets that ever elusive ring - the one that goes along with teamwork, dedication and a whole lot of tolerance and sacrifice.

Samara Leigh

Saturday, December 2, 2006

News Flash: Scented Candles Weren't Meant to Mask a Propane Leak

Okay, I know it seems really obvious, but it needs to be said. Here's what happened to a couple that apparently WASN'T aware of this very important fact. Think people. THINK!

Racism is Alive and Well in Middle America

The ignorance that abounds amazes and dismays me. How could a reasonably intelligent person still subscribe to bigotry and hatred like this? A black family in North Canton awoke to discover that their house had been spray painted with the usual, unimaginative, racial slurs. I guess there's a reason these people are never rocket scientists.

Blake Chenault, the African American news reporter reporting the story, summed it up quite well. This illustrates how Black Americans and White Americans can live in completely different worlds, even if they live right next door to each other. Enough with the bullshit. The laws that are on the books regarding these sort of hate crimes need to be more strongly enforced.

A a teen-age girl that attended high school in Richmond Heights spray-painted the same sort of racial slurs in a bathroom and when she was caught she got what amounted to a slap on the risk. Little Ms. KKK has no reason to change her behavior in the future, now does she?

Peace out,

Samara Leigh

Friday, December 1, 2006

NaNoWriMo is Over and Done

National Novel Writing Month is officially over. I fell well short of my goal of 50,000 words, but did manage to get to 17,084. I am kicking myself in the ass over and over because by week two of this thing, I'd pretty much gotten into my head that there was just NO WAY I could do this. I had too many things going on. Too many obligations. Too many things taxing my time already. What type of drug made me want to do this, anyway? So, I practically gave up before I even got started.

Then as the month went on I began to pare down all those obligations and realized that it was about time I started making a few to myself - like spending time on my writing. The point of this entire endeavor. By the time I got back into the race it was too late for the big finish. But, it taught me some very important things. For one, I can get an awful lot of writing done when I am fired up about what I am writing about.

Secondly, I need to concentrate more of my work on projects that I am passionate about. I know it sounds that same, but it totally isn't.

Lastly, I need to stop being so damn anal and re-frickin-lax. I am often accused of "overthinking" things. I've discovered that it's even worse than my friends and family have let on. I've got overthinking things down to a science - except of course on the few occasions when I should have employed this tool to keep me out of trouble. Gotta work on that.

Morale of the story: I've fallen in love with writing again. Now you won't be able to keep me offa here.

Peace out,

Samara Leigh