Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Underfunded - My New Favorite Euphemism

In our politically correct society we are always in search for euphemisms that make everyone feel okay. People don't die. They are "called home" or "go to a better place." We're not short. We are "height-challenged." We don't get fired. We're "downsized." A new euphemism I've been hearing a lot is "underfunded." Underfunded businesses in underdeveloped neighborhoods. Wow that sounds a lot like po' folks from the hood. I should know. I was one. I'm still "underfunded" - I just live in a "overdeveloped" neighborhood now. I no longer subscribe to the illusion of being part of an ever shrinking "Middle America."

In my quest to build wealth for myself and my family and to be "fabulous before 40" - woa, clock's winding down there - I am trying to develop a wealth mentality. From a business point of view, or an individual point of view, operating from a mentality of "scarcity" - translated, 'I better go ahead and take this cheap ass client because I am not sure how I am going to pay my next phone bill' or 'I've never had anything so now I'm going to spend every available dime on electronics and Cadillacs rather than saving or investing' - is a bad thing.

I recently created a Goal Book - I'm working on a more creative name for it. In it I've outlined my personal and business goals (more on those in future posts). I made them as specific as possible and included a list of what I will do each week and each day to achieve those goals. I am actually pretty impressed with my list and the fact that it actually motivated me to make some serious changes in the way I live, eat and work. I plan to spend December, especially the first week, creating a new marketing plan for my business, revising what I do, redefining who I want to work with, etc. so that I can begin achieving the goals that I have for myself.

So, I am working on developing a wealth mentality; but in the meantime, I think I will start using the term "underfunded" instead of broke or po'. Just makes you feel better, right? Okay, maybe not. But it sure sounds a hell of a lot better.

Samara Leigh

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