Saturday, November 11, 2006

Rock - Paper - Scissors... I Totally Rock

Rock. Paper. Scissors. We've all played the game as kids. But, if you are over the age of, say 10, you probably haven't thought about it very much since then. Unless you've got up and coming RPSers (translation, small kids) of your own. At least that was the assumption I'd been operating under. Little did I know how very wrong I was.

My husband showed me an article that I found to be quite fascinating. This one. There is actually a Rock Paper Scissors Championship being held in Toronto with a $10,000 prize (Canadian). With adults. I found this rather intriguing and had to investigage further. Why this should strike me as odd, I am not quite sure. After all, there's a club for people who like to drink and then run -the Hash House Harriers - and groups that enjoy activities far stranger than this. Why should I be surprised that perfectly sane adults would spend hours playing Rock Paper Scissors? Still, it begged further investigation.

I was amazed to discover that there is actually a World Rock Paper Scissors Society. It's been in operation since 1918. I kid you not. A peek at the RPS Society's mission reveals that "The World RPS Society is dedicated to the promotion of Rock Paper Scissors as a fun and safe way to resolve disputes." Okay. Sounds crazy at first. But, I'd rather see people solving their disputes this way than leaving bloodied, mangled bodies of bright young soldiers on battlefields all over the world. It actually made me think of Michael Jackson's video for "Beat It" where they have a "dance off" instead of shooting or stabbing each other. Yeah. I could see that.

Of course, my husband thought we should play a quick game. He couldn't remember the rules. Aha! Right away, I knew victory would be mine. He obviously hadn't been a serious Rock Paper Scissor player in his prepubescent days. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Perhaps I've neglected to mention that I can be a bit competitive, as can he. And though he tried to play round after round, let's just say, he got served.

"If you're so good, you should be in the tournament," he conceded.

Indeed I should. Toronto is one of my favorite cities, too. So, perhaps next year. In the mean time I am searching the internet for a World "Slide" Championship. What, you didn't play that as a kid either? How many friends did you have?

Samara Leigh

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