Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Daughtry rides again

How excited am I? I'm having a particularly good American Idol week. Though I found the American Music Awards last night annoying overall, It was great to see Carrie Underwood performing a medley of her three number one songs. Phenomenal album.

An AMA aside: I also really loved Jamie Foxx's performance. I love the song, but I thought it especially courageous of him to ask that the audience "let him be himself for a minute" while he sang a heartfelt song penned in hommage to his grandmother which he dedicated to his entire family. He brought them all with him. Bravo, Jamie!

Back to my American Idol euphoria. I checked out Danceage today, and who's dropped another album? Chris Daughtry. Now, if I could just get that Elliot Yamin CD I've been waiting for! Anyhoo, check out Chris' new album here:

Listen to Daughtry By Daughtry

Peace, Out

Samara Leigh

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