Saturday, October 28, 2006

Justin Timberlake & Spongebob Squarepants: Bringing Sexy Back

While riding in the car - SUV actually - the other day, one of the local radio station's promos posed the question: "If Justin Timberlake is bringing Sexy Back; where has sexy been?" (Okay, so maybe I didn't get it exactly write. I was driving, for goodness sake.) The question stuck with me because I'd asked myself the same question when I initially heard the song.

My Answer: Sexy went slutty. We welcome its triumphant return and hope that sultry, smoldering and intriguing will also come out of hiding.

Spongebob Squarepants

I have never understood the popularity of Spongebob. The small excerpts I'd seen seemed really annoying. How could even small children stand this? Then I was sucked in, like into a whirlpool. My 17-year-old son - a very unique child - is fascinated by Spongebob Squarepants. He watches it every shot he gets, between hip-hop and rock videos. Anyhoo, in an effort to spend some time with my fickle teen I watched a few episodes with him.

I truly hate to admit this; but I actually found it...funny. Of course, I occasionally do laugh aloud at the funnies - reading them is a luxury I can rarely afford. However, a lot of the humor was geared toward people a bit older than the kids targeted by the show. Even for the grown-ass kids that we are currently cranking out.

So, I found the show funny. Though, I don't make an effort to watch the show; I often sit with my son when he does watch it. My favorite episode thusfar - I am a Spongebob Newbie, remember - is the one where Mr. Krabs falls for Mrs. Puff. The ultra cheap Mr. Krabs begins lavishly spending money on Mrs. Puff. He realizes that he is out of control and charges Spongebob with preventing him from spending any more money. Yet, every time some new opportunity to impress her comes up he is insistent that Spongebob give him the money to spend. It is hilarious (or maybe I'm just seriously twisted) and it reminds me of the internal angst that so many of us have suffered in relationships.

For anyone who is, or has ever been, a voluntary doormat; trying to buy love or friendship or morphing into a completely different person to please a mate/friend/boss it's time to bring our sexy back. Our sexy selves that is. This isn't about looks, size 0 jeans or an expensive wardrobe. It's about confidence...the ultimate sign of sexiness. Have enough confidence to be you, whoever that may be. If you want to change, let it be for your betterment. After all, we should all strive for self-improvement on the outside and on the inside - where it matters most. But, it should never be to "earn" someone else's approval.

Samara Leigh

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