Saturday, August 5, 2006

Michael Reghi Was Canned - Are You Kidding Me?!

A Moment of Silence Please

This is seriously NOT a sports blog. I like sports and everything but, let's face it: Given the choice, I'd rather be at a spa. Anyhoo, I read the other day that Michael Reghi - the announcer for the Cavalier games for twelve seasons, who is described on the Cavs website as "One of the most versatile and descriptive announcers in television sports" was summarily dismissed.

Now THAT SUCKS! Don't get me wrong, I find the games exciting enough, but there was something about that guy. Michael Reghi made the games truly exciting. I think it was because it was obvious that it wasn't just his job to report to us what was happening. He was thrilled to be there. He called every game with the excitement of a child at their very first game and he filled us with that same child-like wonder and wild excitement. Besides, he was good for making up a word or two, each game. May not have been in the dictionary, but it was always the perfect word at the perfect time.

I am a bit depressed about this and it's bringin' a downer on the whole "woohoo! we got LeBron for another 5 years!" thing for me.

Michael you'll be missed.

Samara Leigh

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