Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Et Tu Adelphia?

It's no secret that cable and telephone companies are some of my least favorite people on the planet - or at least it's not secret to anyone who knows me and gets caught in one of my I hate AT&T tirades. I am a proponent of low-cost and no-cost software, open software and just about anything else that will get me from under the thumb of these greedy, service-challenged companies.

I'm using broadband phone services which I absolutely love 98.7% of the time - the rest I can live with for the killer savings. Yet, this terrific product does, in fact, require broadband services to run. Right now for me, that means Adelphia - actually, I just got a note saying that Time Warner was buying them out.

I'm miffed enough about the skyrocketing cost of cable - over a hundred dollars a month? For TV? I get 50% of my news from the internet and am lucky if I can get in two shows a week. The pricing is really obscene. Anyhoo - I need broadband to run my uber cheap and mostly reliable phone service so I just live with it. Now these greedy octopi have figured out a way to commandeer the internet and gouge us even more. It's not enough that some service providers have been accused of blocking VOiP calls made by Vonage customers - now they've devised an evil plan to split the internet into a faster, pay to play lane and a slower - we've already bled you dry lane. It's not surprising that companies like Ebay have made a call to action.

I guess the cable and telephone companies didn't want the oil companies to have all the fun. Stay tuned for more info on this - or it may be too late to do anything about it.


Samara Leigh

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