Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada Hits a Bit Too Close to Home

So, I finally saw the movie. I'd listened to the book a couple of years ago. Why do I love them both? Because they remind me of my years working for a Dragon Lady. I particularly identified with the transformation that working for such a person begins to make on you. Sort of like backing a docile cat into a corner. It does what it needs to in order to survive.

As horrible an experience as it was overall, I certainly learned some valuable lessons.

1. I could and was doing her job. I learned that I was a lot better at what I did than I ever dreamed.

2. That even the evil have a vulnerable side. Yet, no matter how much you feel for them, you can't change them. Waiting on them to change, or for someone else to do something about their behavior is like taking years of your life and tossing them in the flames.

3. Never, ever let someone you despise change you, even subconsciously.

4. Whenever you have a bad feeling about taking a new job, BAIL! Get the hell out of there. However bad you THINK it might will actually be ten times worse. You would have been better off eating beans a few weeks longer and finding a job that will really suit your needs.

5. Contrary to what Dragon Lady proclaimed, being nice ISN'T a crime. However, being naive is.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Troy Smith Day in Cleveland - The Ville!

This kid is just a class act. I think he is just awesome and exactly what Cleveland, Ohio and residents of the Glenville neighborhood needed. No, he isn't perfect, no-one is, and he's made some mistakes - which by the way, sportscasters, you don't have to bring up in every single game he plays - but none of that matters. We ALL make mistakes. Sometimes humungous ones. But, he was willing to learn from his mistakes and move on and become better than ever. An excellent lesson for all of us

Plus, he keeps it humble, always gives credit to his coach, offensive line and everyone that helped shape him along the way. Definitely an inspiration to all of the young men, and women, from the Glenville neighborhood, that needed hope. As a Glenville alum, the mother of a young man, an African-American, someone who grew up in the Glenville neighborhood, I am truly proud.

Peace out,

Samara Leigh

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Find This Bad Boy a New Home, Please

Don't get it twisted. I am a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, first and foremost, through and through. But, I love me some Allen Iverson. I know what you are thinking... he's a bad boy. I mean he's BAD - the highest scorer in the league right now at the age of 31 , thank you very much. But he's also naughty, mischevious, a bad-ass who doesn't always make nice with the other kids, coaches, etc. He and the 76ers have tolerated each other for the past ten years, but like all "tolerable" relationships, it had to eventually come to an end.
While I'd love to see him here in Cleveland playing with LeBron, Larry, Z and the gang, in reality I know that he probably wouldn't gel with our team either. Honestly, that makes me truly sad. I truly hope that this brother finds a team that understands him and gets to work with a coach that he can learn to respect. He may be a basketball genius, but even Allen Iverson doesn't know everything. I just hope he doesn't turn into the T.O. of basketball. And God, no, I am not saying that Allen is anything like T.O. I just hope he doesn't turn into this exceptionally talented pariah that everyone is afraid to touch because they know that they will get burned.
He's got talent and an awful lot of heart. I just hope that he finds a good home and gets that ever elusive ring - the one that goes along with teamwork, dedication and a whole lot of tolerance and sacrifice.

Samara Leigh

Saturday, December 2, 2006

News Flash: Scented Candles Weren't Meant to Mask a Propane Leak

Okay, I know it seems really obvious, but it needs to be said. Here's what happened to a couple that apparently WASN'T aware of this very important fact. Think people. THINK!

Racism is Alive and Well in Middle America

The ignorance that abounds amazes and dismays me. How could a reasonably intelligent person still subscribe to bigotry and hatred like this? A black family in North Canton awoke to discover that their house had been spray painted with the usual, unimaginative, racial slurs. I guess there's a reason these people are never rocket scientists.

Blake Chenault, the African American news reporter reporting the story, summed it up quite well. This illustrates how Black Americans and White Americans can live in completely different worlds, even if they live right next door to each other. Enough with the bullshit. The laws that are on the books regarding these sort of hate crimes need to be more strongly enforced.

A a teen-age girl that attended high school in Richmond Heights spray-painted the same sort of racial slurs in a bathroom and when she was caught she got what amounted to a slap on the risk. Little Ms. KKK has no reason to change her behavior in the future, now does she?

Peace out,

Samara Leigh

Friday, December 1, 2006

NaNoWriMo is Over and Done

National Novel Writing Month is officially over. I fell well short of my goal of 50,000 words, but did manage to get to 17,084. I am kicking myself in the ass over and over because by week two of this thing, I'd pretty much gotten into my head that there was just NO WAY I could do this. I had too many things going on. Too many obligations. Too many things taxing my time already. What type of drug made me want to do this, anyway? So, I practically gave up before I even got started.

Then as the month went on I began to pare down all those obligations and realized that it was about time I started making a few to myself - like spending time on my writing. The point of this entire endeavor. By the time I got back into the race it was too late for the big finish. But, it taught me some very important things. For one, I can get an awful lot of writing done when I am fired up about what I am writing about.

Secondly, I need to concentrate more of my work on projects that I am passionate about. I know it sounds that same, but it totally isn't.

Lastly, I need to stop being so damn anal and re-frickin-lax. I am often accused of "overthinking" things. I've discovered that it's even worse than my friends and family have let on. I've got overthinking things down to a science - except of course on the few occasions when I should have employed this tool to keep me out of trouble. Gotta work on that.

Morale of the story: I've fallen in love with writing again. Now you won't be able to keep me offa here.

Peace out,

Samara Leigh

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Underfunded - My New Favorite Euphemism

In our politically correct society we are always in search for euphemisms that make everyone feel okay. People don't die. They are "called home" or "go to a better place." We're not short. We are "height-challenged." We don't get fired. We're "downsized." A new euphemism I've been hearing a lot is "underfunded." Underfunded businesses in underdeveloped neighborhoods. Wow that sounds a lot like po' folks from the hood. I should know. I was one. I'm still "underfunded" - I just live in a "overdeveloped" neighborhood now. I no longer subscribe to the illusion of being part of an ever shrinking "Middle America."

In my quest to build wealth for myself and my family and to be "fabulous before 40" - woa, clock's winding down there - I am trying to develop a wealth mentality. From a business point of view, or an individual point of view, operating from a mentality of "scarcity" - translated, 'I better go ahead and take this cheap ass client because I am not sure how I am going to pay my next phone bill' or 'I've never had anything so now I'm going to spend every available dime on electronics and Cadillacs rather than saving or investing' - is a bad thing.

I recently created a Goal Book - I'm working on a more creative name for it. In it I've outlined my personal and business goals (more on those in future posts). I made them as specific as possible and included a list of what I will do each week and each day to achieve those goals. I am actually pretty impressed with my list and the fact that it actually motivated me to make some serious changes in the way I live, eat and work. I plan to spend December, especially the first week, creating a new marketing plan for my business, revising what I do, redefining who I want to work with, etc. so that I can begin achieving the goals that I have for myself.

So, I am working on developing a wealth mentality; but in the meantime, I think I will start using the term "underfunded" instead of broke or po'. Just makes you feel better, right? Okay, maybe not. But it sure sounds a hell of a lot better.

Samara Leigh

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Author Bebe Moore Campbell dies at age 56

Bebe Moore Campbell, author of many books, including 72 Hour Hold, died from complications of brain cancer. Read the story here. She came to Cleveland within the last year and I didn't make it to the event. A regrettable decision.

Samara Leigh

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Daughtry rides again

How excited am I? I'm having a particularly good American Idol week. Though I found the American Music Awards last night annoying overall, It was great to see Carrie Underwood performing a medley of her three number one songs. Phenomenal album.

An AMA aside: I also really loved Jamie Foxx's performance. I love the song, but I thought it especially courageous of him to ask that the audience "let him be himself for a minute" while he sang a heartfelt song penned in hommage to his grandmother which he dedicated to his entire family. He brought them all with him. Bravo, Jamie!

Back to my American Idol euphoria. I checked out Danceage today, and who's dropped another album? Chris Daughtry. Now, if I could just get that Elliot Yamin CD I've been waiting for! Anyhoo, check out Chris' new album here:

Listen to Daughtry By Daughtry

Peace, Out

Samara Leigh

Friday, November 17, 2006

The Shoe Discussions

One of the common cliches in chick lit is a woman in love with designer shoes. Remember how Carrie had tons of expensive shoes that she couldn't afford? Some might say it is not a's the story of the lives. I am not one of those people.

Don't get me wrong, I have a healthy regard for shoes. I'm not a barefooted flower child - at least not outside of the house - and I have a decent amount of shoes. Some of which I've NEVER worn. I just don't LOVE shoes. My fashion forward husband does.

Kenneth Cole, Cole Haan and Johnston and Murphy are a few of his very best friends. He shops for them online, shops for them on clearance, admires them in store windows, notices them on people's feet's scary. When he isn't shopping for shoes or surfing Ecco online he is surveying his impressive collection of shoes, polishing them or reliving the shoe memories. "Remember when I bought these shoes, Honey?" Then there is the trying on of the shoes...and the loads of unworn shirts and pants they share a closet with... I swear.

After 18 years of living with my favorite metrosexual, you'd think that I'd take better care of my own shoes. I'll admit, I've had some of my favorites a bit too long. There are lots of scuffed shoes in my collection that I just hate to get rid of. I know, I've definitely got some issues of my own. I'll work on that. In the meantime, I think its time for another fashion shoe...I mean show.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Rock - Paper - Scissors... I Totally Rock

Rock. Paper. Scissors. We've all played the game as kids. But, if you are over the age of, say 10, you probably haven't thought about it very much since then. Unless you've got up and coming RPSers (translation, small kids) of your own. At least that was the assumption I'd been operating under. Little did I know how very wrong I was.

My husband showed me an article that I found to be quite fascinating. This one. There is actually a Rock Paper Scissors Championship being held in Toronto with a $10,000 prize (Canadian). With adults. I found this rather intriguing and had to investigage further. Why this should strike me as odd, I am not quite sure. After all, there's a club for people who like to drink and then run -the Hash House Harriers - and groups that enjoy activities far stranger than this. Why should I be surprised that perfectly sane adults would spend hours playing Rock Paper Scissors? Still, it begged further investigation.

I was amazed to discover that there is actually a World Rock Paper Scissors Society. It's been in operation since 1918. I kid you not. A peek at the RPS Society's mission reveals that "The World RPS Society is dedicated to the promotion of Rock Paper Scissors as a fun and safe way to resolve disputes." Okay. Sounds crazy at first. But, I'd rather see people solving their disputes this way than leaving bloodied, mangled bodies of bright young soldiers on battlefields all over the world. It actually made me think of Michael Jackson's video for "Beat It" where they have a "dance off" instead of shooting or stabbing each other. Yeah. I could see that.

Of course, my husband thought we should play a quick game. He couldn't remember the rules. Aha! Right away, I knew victory would be mine. He obviously hadn't been a serious Rock Paper Scissor player in his prepubescent days. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Perhaps I've neglected to mention that I can be a bit competitive, as can he. And though he tried to play round after round, let's just say, he got served.

"If you're so good, you should be in the tournament," he conceded.

Indeed I should. Toronto is one of my favorite cities, too. So, perhaps next year. In the mean time I am searching the internet for a World "Slide" Championship. What, you didn't play that as a kid either? How many friends did you have?

Samara Leigh

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Justin Timberlake & Spongebob Squarepants: Bringing Sexy Back

While riding in the car - SUV actually - the other day, one of the local radio station's promos posed the question: "If Justin Timberlake is bringing Sexy Back; where has sexy been?" (Okay, so maybe I didn't get it exactly write. I was driving, for goodness sake.) The question stuck with me because I'd asked myself the same question when I initially heard the song.

My Answer: Sexy went slutty. We welcome its triumphant return and hope that sultry, smoldering and intriguing will also come out of hiding.

Spongebob Squarepants

I have never understood the popularity of Spongebob. The small excerpts I'd seen seemed really annoying. How could even small children stand this? Then I was sucked in, like into a whirlpool. My 17-year-old son - a very unique child - is fascinated by Spongebob Squarepants. He watches it every shot he gets, between hip-hop and rock videos. Anyhoo, in an effort to spend some time with my fickle teen I watched a few episodes with him.

I truly hate to admit this; but I actually found it...funny. Of course, I occasionally do laugh aloud at the funnies - reading them is a luxury I can rarely afford. However, a lot of the humor was geared toward people a bit older than the kids targeted by the show. Even for the grown-ass kids that we are currently cranking out.

So, I found the show funny. Though, I don't make an effort to watch the show; I often sit with my son when he does watch it. My favorite episode thusfar - I am a Spongebob Newbie, remember - is the one where Mr. Krabs falls for Mrs. Puff. The ultra cheap Mr. Krabs begins lavishly spending money on Mrs. Puff. He realizes that he is out of control and charges Spongebob with preventing him from spending any more money. Yet, every time some new opportunity to impress her comes up he is insistent that Spongebob give him the money to spend. It is hilarious (or maybe I'm just seriously twisted) and it reminds me of the internal angst that so many of us have suffered in relationships.

For anyone who is, or has ever been, a voluntary doormat; trying to buy love or friendship or morphing into a completely different person to please a mate/friend/boss it's time to bring our sexy back. Our sexy selves that is. This isn't about looks, size 0 jeans or an expensive wardrobe. It's about confidence...the ultimate sign of sexiness. Have enough confidence to be you, whoever that may be. If you want to change, let it be for your betterment. After all, we should all strive for self-improvement on the outside and on the inside - where it matters most. But, it should never be to "earn" someone else's approval.

Samara Leigh

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Madonna: "Damn Near Fifty"

During a weekend of vegging out on chick flicks and music videos between walks in the park, my husband and I "dissented" on the age of Madonna. I said something about the fact that she still looked great and he reminded me that she was "damn near fifty." For some reason, I found this completely unacceptable. I'd been a fan since Holiday. And while I couldn't remember my age at the time, I didn't think she was that much older than me. I guessed that she was 42 to 45. For some reason that sounded much better and was more comforting.

Of course, I love my husband to death, but I couldn't take his word for it. I googled Madge and learned that she was....48! Or, "damn near fifty." Still small, well-defined and with the courage to prance around in a 1980's leotard that had a lot less lycra than she had ass. At "damn near fifty?"

Honestly, if it hadn't been for this discovery and the realization that Janet Jackson is forty - and both looking extremely cut and in great health - I'd probably have spent the entire weekend on the couch (well, I'd probably have gone from the couch to the love seat a few times).

Though I have no dillusions of looking like either of these women, it did remind me that I can do a lot more than I have been to get in shape and be healthy. It also reminded me of the goals that I have for myself as a person, a writer and an entrepreneur. There is an awful lot that I'd like to do before I am forty and definitely before I turn - "damn near fifty." This small ephiphany reminded me of the need to bring my goals back in focus and get to work on them.

And they say music videos aren't educational!

Samara Leigh

Friday, October 20, 2006

Jennifer Weiner Comes to Cleveland

My introduction to Jennifer Weiner was through the movie, In Her Shoes. I loved the movie. I am a fan of both Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette. I laughed, cried and was moved by the plight of both the sisters and their tragic family history of learning disabilities and mental illness. I was especially touched because I love a young, bright soul that is struggling with Autism. Soon after, while cruising the aisles at Tar-get I saw the book and her first book, Good in Bed.

Recently Jennifer attended an event in Cleveland. I was eager to meet and perhaps interview the author. When doing a bit of research on her I discovered her "For Writers" section on her website. Hillarious and spot on. I was more geared up to meet her than ever before. Yet, somehow the day of the event I felt tired, drained and was making every excuse in the book why I should just stay at home staring at my computer and hoping for some inspiration. There was the "I don't know what I'm going to wear" excuse. After all, everyone would be there to see me - wouldn't they? Then I pulled out the "I don't wanna pay for parking" excuse. Parking turned out to be a whopping $1. I even trotted out the "I can't go now, I am going to be late" excuse.

I removed my jacket and tossed it on the chair and was taking off my shoes when I realized that I was doing it AGAIN. Being a complete self-defeatist that was busier killing my own dreams than any outside force could ever be. Dammit! Why do I do that to myself? I high-tailed it out of my house, made it to the venue - without killing any small animals I might add - parked, managed to find my seat and even sweet-talked a server into resetting my place and bringing me lunch. And I did not miss a moment.

Jennifer Weiner is as charming and as funny as I'd imagined she'd be. She chatted about her family, her life and how she got her start writing as if she'd known us all for years. As I listened to her I thought about some of the conversations that my best friend and I have had over the years. The ones where we'd laughed until we cried. No matter how dire the situations seemed - family, love lives, kids...for those moments life wasn't so bad after all and we were inspired to pick ourselves up and try again the next day.

That's what Jennifer Weiner gave me that day. Inspiration. And the realization that there was no magic potion. Just someone telling a story that they needed to get out. The fact that someone identified with it, enjoyed it and wanted to make it into a major motion picture...well that is just the frosting.

I didn't get to meet her. I didn't get to interview her. Yet, she helped me that day. More than she'll ever know.

Samara Leigh

Reality TV Addiction

Did I mention that I've become really addicted to reality TV? Not everything. I still can't stomach Survivor and I'm not drawn to shows like the Amazing Race, The Bachelor or The Simple Life. What I do love is American Idol (after three years of ridiculing the show without ever having watched it), Project Runway, real estate related shows - Property Ladder, Flip This House, Flip That House - and my newest favorites - Big Spender and The House of Carters.

Maybe my real fascination is just with the fact that there is an entire world outside of my office in a windowless loft - which I call The Loftice. I've been working really hard the past few months to get out of the office more. I've discovered my favorite TV shows again, the great outdoors, fresh air and how to spend time with my teen-ager in ways that he finds tolerable and sometimes amusing. Yay me!

So, my DVR will be working overtime over the next several weeks as I continue plugging away on client work, planning an online conference, trying to work out enough to ward off the winter pounds and...oh yeah, pen a 50,000 word novel.

Piece of cake. Piece of pie. I'm sure.

Samara Leigh

Thursday, October 19, 2006


November is National Novel Writing Month

Okay, what better way to pull myself up by the writing bootstraps and write more than by throwing myself into an unbelievable writing challenge - headfirst.

So, the idea is to write a novel of at least 50,000 words in just ONE MONTH. Brilliant. Should be no problem at all. ;-)

I am definitely going for Chick Lit as my genre. Stay tuned to see if I survive past week one.

Samara Leigh

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Michael Reghi Was Canned - Are You Kidding Me?!

A Moment of Silence Please

This is seriously NOT a sports blog. I like sports and everything but, let's face it: Given the choice, I'd rather be at a spa. Anyhoo, I read the other day that Michael Reghi - the announcer for the Cavalier games for twelve seasons, who is described on the Cavs website as "One of the most versatile and descriptive announcers in television sports" was summarily dismissed.

Now THAT SUCKS! Don't get me wrong, I find the games exciting enough, but there was something about that guy. Michael Reghi made the games truly exciting. I think it was because it was obvious that it wasn't just his job to report to us what was happening. He was thrilled to be there. He called every game with the excitement of a child at their very first game and he filled us with that same child-like wonder and wild excitement. Besides, he was good for making up a word or two, each game. May not have been in the dictionary, but it was always the perfect word at the perfect time.

I am a bit depressed about this and it's bringin' a downer on the whole "woohoo! we got LeBron for another 5 years!" thing for me.

Michael you'll be missed.

Samara Leigh

Thursday, August 3, 2006

The Bad News Browns

So, I had what I thought was a briliant beyond brilliant idea for something to do on a depressed Midwestern budget - go to the Browns training camp open to the public. I thought that my unmitigated genius would be obvious to my husband, a football fan that has been counting down the months until the season starts up again. Just 3 more months, 2 more months - you get the picture. However, I was greeted with a "Dude, I'm not going out in this heat to see the Browns." Shocked I was, I tell you. Utterly shocked. This led me to take a bit of a journey down Cleveland Sportsfan Lane.

Okay. So I'm from Cleveland;born and raised. Been here all my life. That's not a concession or an apology; it's a statement of fact. Anyone from here knows that while we've got a lot of great things to offer: incredible cultural institutions like our world-famous Cleveland Orchestra, a great theatre district, top-notch neighborhood theater, a slew of great family events - lots are even free. Yet, probably the thing we are most known for is our love of sports. The Browns,the Cavaliers, the Indians - no matter how bad or how great they were we were right by their side.

Now, I am a sports fan, too. I won't paint my body orange, wear a Varajao wig or anything like that (come to think of it, my hair looks pretty much like that anyway) but I have been known to get a small Cavs face tatoo and wield a pretty good-sized "Larry Love" sign proclaiming my adoration for Larry Hughes. He's adorable - reminds me of Fievel from American Tail - I really like the guy. Anyhoo, though I am a devout Cavs fan - even through the grim years - my love for the Bad News Browns and the Anyone Gonna Git That? Indians tends to wane.

I was in the stands of the Jake plenty for those raging years that we were in pennant races - screaming my lungs out when I had cause. I think more than the "does anyone really give a damn?" playing style the Indians have become comfortable with or manager Eric Wedge's standard, arms-folded-behind-the-head "it's not me, it's them" speech what has really put me off is the thought process - and I use that term loosely- of the Indians' general management. As my husband says - "The Indians is a farm team for the rest of the league." Frickin' brilliant. That's it in a nutshell.

In Cleveland sports history we have a history of giving away Manny Ramirezes; Jim Thomes; Ron Harpers and other players that turned out to be sports legends - somewhere else. And we never seem to get anything in return. I'm just glad we managed to hold on to LeBron - a genius on so many levels both on and off of the court that we'll have to wait for another post for that one.

So, finally we make it to the Browns. I do watch football - not like basketball or tennis - but I do. Unfortunately the only regular season game I've ever attended is the notorious "bottle-throwing incident" that caused bottles to be banned across the League - unfortunately it had no effect on poor officiating. Pity. Needless to say, it was also my last visit to the stadium.

I know our fans LOVE the Browns - now THAT's a faithful crowd - but there are so many things that puzzle me about the guys in brown and orange. Like:

  1. What are they still doing in brown & orange? We had a chance to ditch this fashion faux-pas when Art Modell trotted off with the original Browns.
  2. Why did we keep the name? I know we're all nostalgic here and everything - but no other team in this league or any other major league I can think of is named after a person. Geez!
  3. Where are we getting these fragile rookies? Don't these guys drink milk?
  4. Isn't there some kind of orientation that goes over things you probably shouldn't do as an NFL Player of a desperate team? Endos; drinking and driving when you've got millions of frickin' dollars to pay a driver; beat up your wife, get beat up or stabbed in the back by your crazy-ass girlfriend - the list goes on and on.
Okay, so maybe I see his point. But, like all other Cleveland fans - we'll carp about it but we'll be right there in front of the television set for the start of our Beloved Bad News Browns season.
Samara Leigh

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Et Tu Adelphia?

It's no secret that cable and telephone companies are some of my least favorite people on the planet - or at least it's not secret to anyone who knows me and gets caught in one of my I hate AT&T tirades. I am a proponent of low-cost and no-cost software, open software and just about anything else that will get me from under the thumb of these greedy, service-challenged companies.

I'm using broadband phone services which I absolutely love 98.7% of the time - the rest I can live with for the killer savings. Yet, this terrific product does, in fact, require broadband services to run. Right now for me, that means Adelphia - actually, I just got a note saying that Time Warner was buying them out.

I'm miffed enough about the skyrocketing cost of cable - over a hundred dollars a month? For TV? I get 50% of my news from the internet and am lucky if I can get in two shows a week. The pricing is really obscene. Anyhoo - I need broadband to run my uber cheap and mostly reliable phone service so I just live with it. Now these greedy octopi have figured out a way to commandeer the internet and gouge us even more. It's not enough that some service providers have been accused of blocking VOiP calls made by Vonage customers - now they've devised an evil plan to split the internet into a faster, pay to play lane and a slower - we've already bled you dry lane. It's not surprising that companies like Ebay have made a call to action.

I guess the cable and telephone companies didn't want the oil companies to have all the fun. Stay tuned for more info on this - or it may be too late to do anything about it.


Samara Leigh

Monday, July 31, 2006

The Time is Write

Originally posted on July 31, 2006

You are not a writer unless you write. Well, I write plenty; just not necessarily about the topics that I am most passionate about. I am typically writing on behalf of a client or drafting an email to a vendor or contractor. My schedule is usually filled with what "needs to be done" - the jobs that pay the bills.

Don't get me wrong - I've been fortunate to work on some wonderful projects. It's just that the majority of them are not mine. While the client work is great and I want to continue to grow and expand - I plan on changing up the game plan over the next several months. I want to write the stories that interest me; about subjects that I am passionate about or that just plain old piss me off and most of all I want to spend a lot more time writing just because. Just because I can; just because I want to and just because I have to - to satisfy the writer in me.

I have thus far been what I deem a "lazy blogger" - hopefully the third time is the charm.

Samara Leigh